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[playogg-discuss] Why not playOpus?

From: CodeHero
Subject: [playogg-discuss] Why not playOpus?
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 19:49:09 -0500
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I just saw the playOgg campaign and it looks like a nice idea. However I've been wondering why you did not advertise opus instead as even says that opus makes other lossy codecs like Vorbis and Speex obsolete

This would also undoubtedly improve your marketing as you could explain the advantages of opus over other codecs (high quality streaming with low bandwith and low filesize being two of them), which would make it more appealing for corporations and users alike.

I would really like to see a free audio codec be used everywhere, but this codec should not be Vorbis or Speex. It should be opus as it replaces both of them and brings additional advantages.

Also, when you make a campaign like that you will usually want to entice users to follow it by using as many arguments as possible, and solely relying on the free software argument is not enough to get many users to support the campaign. You will also want to use arguments of technical advantage and convenience to get users to support you. Something like "With opus you can store lots of music without using up lots of space AND you can easily stream it over low bandwith without having to reencode." will help catch users' attention. I am not saying that freedom is not important, but that it should not be the only argument you are making. I also want to see you support technological advantage as it is seen in opus as it is undoubtedly the number one (and versatile) lossy audio codec, and it is free software on top of that.

Thank you for your time

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