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How to configure Jitter for Poke

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: How to configure Jitter for Poke
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2019 16:27:52 +0200
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Hello José.

A friend from the GHM told me about failures running Poke.  It turns out
that he was compiler Jitter commit
, but configuring Jitter with all dispatches enabled which also made the
Jitter test suite fail.

You should suggest configuring these older Jitter snapshot like this:

  SOURCE_DIRECTORY/configure --disable-dispatch-minimal-threading 

, plus any other options one may want.  Jitter can be directly built in
the source directory as well.

For everybody reading this without following recent developments:

This workaround will not be needed in recent Jitter snapshots, but those
are still not supported by Poke because of API changes.  Advanced
dispatches are now disabled by default in recent Jitter snapshots, and
they will be enabled by default again after they get reliable -- I have
to implement defective instruction replacement, which is coming.

So, José, right now I think you should update the "Jitter" section in


Luca Saiu
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