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From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Back!
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 11:25:46 +0200
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Hi people!

I just arrived home after a crazy month of Free software
conferences... word about Poke was spread and I had lots of fun but, I
couldn't hack a single line of code for weeks, grrr.

Time to fix that!  This is my current roadmap for poke:

- Finish the transition from using PVM offset values to use bit-offsets
  in the array and struct pvm values.  This is for performance, and to
  avoid annoying silly normalizations and conversions everywhere.  My
  current WIP.
- Move the determination of lexical addresses from the parser (ugh) to
- Implement support for maps in l-values:
  (poke) int @ OFFSET = 666
- Implement the pre/post-increment/decrement operators for both integer
  values and offsets.
- Finish struct constructors.
- Implement unions (easier than it seems.)
- Manual!

Enough for keeping me busy for a few weeks ;)

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