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From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Nomenclature
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 12:25:35 +0200
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I just added the few paragraphs below to HACKING, clarifying how I call
certain things.

I strongly suggest we all use the same nomenclature when referring to
pokeish thingies, or we will soon go nuts, glglgl.


+We call ``poke`` the program.  When the context may induce confusion
+(since ``poke`` is a pretty common word) then we use ``GNU poke``.
+``Poke`` (with upper case ``P``) is the name of the domain-specific
+language implemented by ``poke``.
+A ``pickle`` is a Poke source file containing definitions of types,
+variables, functions, etc, that conceptually apply to some definite
+domain.  For example, ``elf.pk`` is a pickle that provides facilities
+to poke ELF object files.  Pickles are not necessarily related to file
+formats: a set of functions to work with bit patterns, for example,
+could be implemented in a pickle ``bitpatterns.pk``.

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