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Re: PATCH: provide %c and %u8c formatting in pickle printf()

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: PATCH: provide %c and %u8c formatting in pickle printf()
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2019 19:12:18 +0200
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I just realized that if the last line of the dump is incomplete then the
ascii appears displaced.  Example:

(poke) dump :from strtab.sh_offset :size strtab.sh_size
76543210  0011 2233 4455 6677 8899 aabb ccdd eeff  0123456789ABCDEF
000001b0: 002e 7379 6d74 6162 002e 7374 7274 6162  ..symtab..strtab
000001c0: 002e 7368 7374 7274 6162 002e 7465 7874  ..shstrtab..text
000001d0: 002e 6461 7461 002e 6273 7300 2e63 6f6d  ..data..bss..com
000001e0: 6d65 6e74 002e 6e6f 7465 2e47 4e55 2d73  ment..note.GNU-s
000001f0: 7461 636b 002e 7265 6c61 2e65 685f 6672  tack..rela.eh_fr
00000200: 616d 6500  ame.

Looks like `dump' should insert some whitespaces there...

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