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Re: [patch] suggestion: remove trailing whitespaces

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [patch] suggestion: remove trailing whitespaces
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2019 13:44:41 +0200
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    I usually find it quite useful if source files are in a canonical format
    which makes it easier for merges when more people get involved.
    Luckily, emacs can do this automatically with a before-safe-hook.
    So this is a suggestion and I understand if it is not preferred. But here
    is a patch-set for that suggestion:
       * 0001 Adding a .dir-locals.el that sets gnu coding style and adds the
    whitespace hook
       * 0002 Remove trailing whitespace in *.[hc] (other than that: no code
    There is of course the slight chance that this will conflict with other
    patches in the queue right now; but getting things settled as early as
    possible in the project-cycle is of course preferable: things are easier to
    change now then later.

Agreed.  I actually had the removal of trailing blanks in my TODO list,
and re-activate the correspodning rule in `make syntax-check'.

So I applied your whitespace-removal patch, and added another of my own
to get rid of trailing blanks in other files, and to activate the
sc_trailing_blank syntax check.

So now `make syntax-check' is up to date :) I added a note to HACKING
recommending running it before submitting patches.

Regarding .dir-locals.el, I would prefer to not introduce files that
implicitly change the behavior of Emacs or other programs.  It is great
to recommend people to use it though!  Maybe in HACKING?


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