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Re: Formatted output in poke with libtextstyle

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: Formatted output in poke with libtextstyle
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 23:02:18 +0200
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    > I will be committing something based in the work below soon.
    > Please take a look.  Feedback is much welcome :)
    > This patch adds support for libtextsyle[1] to poke.
    Your patch uses libtextstyle as it was intended. I'm glad the documentation
    was sufficient (except for the 'style_file_name' rvalue).

It is a great library :)
And I didn't add the hyperlinks yet...
    > - libreadline expects the prompt to be passed to readline("..."), and
    >   relies on the lenght of the prompt in order to calculate certain
    >   things, like where the cursor should stop when you press C-a, for
    >   example.
    Readline does not parse the prompt string according to any standard.
    Rather it assumes that parts of the prompt string that have no effect on
    the column position are surrounded by \001 ... \002. See [1].

Uoh!  Exactly what I need... thanks :)

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