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Re: remarks about building poke

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: remarks about building poke
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 10:08:46 +0200
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Hi Bruno.
    Building poke is, so far, a bit challenging. Here are some suggestions
    for improving it.

    1) This patch to the HACKING file
         - makes it straightforward to pull the required jitter version from
           Luca Saiu's not-so-straightforward site,
         - mentions the flags to use for configuring poke after, not before
           the instructions for building jitter.

    2) When libtextstyle is not installed, you get a link error. To fix this,
    gnulib has added the missing functions in the dummy textstyle.in.h
    https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gnulib/2019-10/msg00041.html .
    Additionally, since poke uses gnulib as a submodule, you need to upgrade
    this submodule.

Saw the gnulib patch, and I did that yesterday :)
    3) Makefile.am and configure.ac tell 'make' to recurse into the etc/
    directory. But there is no etc/Makefile.am. I had to apply this workaround
    to get over it:
        # Fix "configure.ac:104: error: required file 'etc/Makefile.in' not 
found" error.
        $ sed -i -e '/etc\/Makefile/d' poke/configure.ac
        $ sed -i -e 's/ etc / /g' poke/Makefile.am
    Probably this etc/Makefile.am should install poke-default.css in public

Ouch!  I forgot to git add etc/Makefile.am.  It's been listed all this
time in `Untracked files'.

I just added it.

    4) Since I have the Boehm GC installed in a prefix different from the
    one that contains pkg-config, I needed to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH so that
    pkg-config finds it:
      export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${INSTALL_PREFIX_OF_LIBGC}/lib/pkgconfig
    This could be mentioned in the HACKING file.

Section added to HACKING.
    5) You can add a pointer to the continuous integration into HACKING.
    I would suggest a paragraph like this:
    Continuous integration
    The package is built automatically, at regular intervals.  You find the
    latest build results here:


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