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HACKING: added information about maintainers

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: HACKING: added information about maintainers
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 10:53:19 +0100
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Hi people!

Now that more people is getting write access to poke.git, I thought
about formalizing the process _a bit_ and just installed the patch


@@ -109,6 +115,61 @@ to poke ELF object files.  Pickles are not necessarily 
related to file
 formats: a set of functions to work with bit patterns, for example,
 could be implemented in a pickle ``bitpatterns.pk``.
+GNU Maintainer
+Jose E. Marchesi       <address@hidden>
+Global Reviewers
+Jose E. Marchesi       <address@hidden>
+Write After Approval
+The people below have write access to the git repository, and can
+install their changes after getting explicit approval from a global
+Egeyar Bagcioglu       <address@hidden>
+Luca Saiu              <address@hidden>
+Personal Branches
+Anyone having write access to the git repository is allowed to push
+and maintain personal branches.  These branches should be called
+``WHO/WHAT``, where ``WHO`` is the nick identifying the owner of the
+branch and ``WHAT`` a description of what it contains.
+  jemarch/hyperlinks-server
+Personal branches are intended to ease the interaction between
+developers, and to provide a convenient basis for testing large
+Personal branches can be rebased, and deleted.  Please do not write
+into a personal branch unless you have the explicit approval of the
+branch owner.
+Installing Obvious Changes
+Anyone having write access to the git repository is allowed to push
+obvious changes to non-personal branches.  The "obvious" category
+includes typos in comments, renaming of variables, etc.
+If you commit and push a non-obvious change, you are still required to
+send an email to the mailing list stating you installed the change.
+Please include a suggestive tag in your email's subject, something
+like ``[COMMITTED]``.  Also, make sure to include the patch itself.
 Development Environment

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