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Re: fuzzing poke with afl & afl++

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: fuzzing poke with afl & afl++
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 00:27:32 +0100
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        Long story short: I've let afl++ fuzz poke's script mode overnight on my
        laptop (12 fuzzing processes were running, one in deterministic mode and
        11 in random mode) for about 5 hours until poke filled up my /tmp/ and
        the fuzzer died (because it was running on the same partition to not
        murder my SSD). It found 600-something input files that made poke crash,
        but of these only 164 are distinct crashes (distinct according to afl,
        at least the failed assertions could be maybe only a handful of
        bugs). I've put them into the following categories according to the type
        of crash that occurred:
        assertion failed: 122
        double free:      11
        signal FPE:       2
        signal SEGV:      19
        use after free:   8
        misc:             2 (these just result in an "Aborted" message)
        The resulting files are attached in the archive crashes.tar.gz.
    Allright, we definitely want to file bugs for these bugs.  I will look
    at crashes.tar.gz and do so.

So I did, fixed several bugs, and filed a couple of them that still have
to be fixed.

Right now we are down to:
7 assertion failures
0 double frees
0 signal FPE
0 signal SEGV
0 use after free
0 misc

Of the reported 265 hangs, after the bug fixes, none of them are

        I have one suggestion though: could we add a flag to poke (either
        compile- or run-time), so that it will not create diagnostic files in
        /tmp/? This is not really useful when running poke a few million times
        with mostly invalid input.
    Definitely yes.  Will add it.

Done.  Now poke won't dump anything under /tmp when an ICE is reported,
if the tool was invoked with --quiet (this is the case when running

So, at this point, you may want to rerun afl.  poke should be much more
robust now :)

This fuzzing already uncovered 5 bugs.  Definitely worth it.  Thanks for
doing it Dan!

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