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New command `copy'

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: New command `copy'
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2020 20:36:04 +0100
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Hi people!

Yes, another command is now in: copy :)
And yes, it copies data around.

(poke) copy :from 12#B :to 1#MB :size 2#Kb

Excerpt from the manual:

15 'copy'

The command 'copy' allows to copy regions of data inside an IO space, or
between different IO spaces.

   This command has the following prototype:

     defun copy = (int from_ios = get_ios,
                   int to_ios = from_ios,
                   off64 from = 0#B,
                   off64 to = 0#B,
                   off64 size = 0#B) void:

All arguments are optional.  When invoked with no arguments, 'copy' does

   The arguments 'from' and 'size' determine the region to copy.  By
default, this region is taken from the current IO space, but this can be
overwritten using the optional 'from_ios' argument.

   The argument 'to' tells 'copy' where to copy the stuff.  Again, this
offset is applied to the current IO space by default, but this can be
overwritten using the 'to_ios' argument.

   Note that it is allowed for the source and destination ranges to

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