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Re: [PATCH] etc/pickle-mode.el: add Emacs mode for .pk files

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] etc/pickle-mode.el: add Emacs mode for .pk files
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2020 11:14:04 +0200
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Hi Aurelien.

    Add simple Emacs mode for pickle files.
    - Written from "scratch" as cc-mode is insane
    - Highlights
      * comments, shebang, string, char
      * keywords
      * builtins (functions, vars, exceptions)
      * attributes (expr'attr)
      * unit suffixes (expr#unit)
    - Customizable faces for each highlighted things
    - No indentation yet

    There are some issues as Poke allows some identifiers to use language
    keywords e.g. "offset" is lexed as a token for the offset type but can
    also be used as a var name. Pickle-mode highlights both cases as a type.

Very nice, thanks for working on this! :)

My first comment is that we probably want to call this mode poke-mode
instead of pickle-mode.  Not all Poke files are pickles.  So we would

 poke-mode.el     -> Major mode for editing Poke programs.
 poke-map-mode.el -> Major mode for editing Poke MAP files.
 poke-ras-mode.el -> Major mode for editing Poke RAS files.

and then, soon, we will add an Emacs-based editor based on poke, as the
machine-interface evolves:

 poke.el -> Editor for structured binary data.


Other than that, this looks very nice.  It will be interesting to write
an operator precedence SMIE grammar for Poke.

Where do you want to maintain the code?  I think that maintaining it in
poke.git makes sense, as you are proposing in your patch.  Please let me
know your savannah user, and I will give you write permissions to the
repo.  From there, I guess we can do releases in MELPA, ELPA or

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