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Re: fix a small memory leak

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: fix a small memory leak
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 17:22:17 +0200
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    > Yeah I agree regarding continue vs. if.
    You shouldn't have said this :-) Because now I'm proposing a patch that
    eliminates most 'continue;' statements.

Heh, I don't regret! :D
    The maintainability benefit is that when in the future a developer wants
    to insert additional code near the end of a loop, they need to ask 
    "inside or outside the 'if' block?" Thus a decision where to put code 
    explicit. With 'continue', the programmer is often not aware that they have
    a choice.

Yep, although I still think that `continue' has its role, especially in
very long loops, where they appear at the very beginning of the loop.

The Poke for-in loop has an optional `where' clause on this spirit, that
can be used to skip certain elements on the container that guides the

The patch is OK for master.

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