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Re: [PATCH] Updated JSON Schema, pk_mi_val_to_json, pk_mi_json_to_val an

From: Konstantinos Chasialis
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Updated JSON Schema, pk_mi_val_to_json, pk_mi_json_to_val and a test file
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 22:58:54 +0300
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> Hmm, it is a pity that functionality is not available in json-c itself:
> as far as I can see this jsonschema-c library is not packaged in Debian
> or any other major distro.  It has also been untouched since 2015.
> On the bright side, it is small and distributed under the MIT license,
> so I think we could incorporate it to poke's sources if we wanted to.
> Have you tried it?  Does it actually work well enough so we could lift
> many/most/all of the integrity checks from the msg<->json conversion
> routines given an schema has been applied and the data is ok?

I haven't tried it to be honest, but I will.
Also, I can read the code and see if we can adapt it to our project
without much effort.

> How so?  Is it not popular/widely used?
> In that case we may want to use a different method to formalize the
> structure of our JSON objects...

Yes, I am also wondering the same.
I have sent an email to the developers of libjson-c asking if they somehow
offer this functionality, or they happen to know any good alternatives.

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