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Re: Documentation

From: Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor
Subject: Re: Documentation
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 21:35:03 +0430

Hi Jose

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 09:00:06PM +0200, Jose E. Marchesi wrote:

When I `make html` in doc/ I don't get an empty index.html.  How are you
generating the html documentation?

The problem is the following `sed` command:

sed -i -e '/^<h2.*contents-heading.*/,/<a name="Top">.*/d' \
    -e 's/^<h1.*settitle.*//' poke.html/index.html

The problem is that there's no `<a name="Top">` in the generated file (generated
by `texinfo` version 6.7).
I have attached the generated `index.html`.

Instead there's this line:

<span id="Top"></span><div class="header">

So I've changed the `sed` pattern to this:

sed -i -e '/^<h2.*contents-heading.*/,/<.* .*="Top">.*/d' \
    -e 's/^<h1.*settitle.*//' poke.html/index.html

This works, but I really don't like this hack.

And a comment about this feature: I really don't like this feature (using closed
ranges (intervals) instead of half-open ranges). IMHO dealing with half-open
ranges are much more simpler.
I guess you've made this decision because of Algol68 :D

Right :)

I have in fact considered changing it so the right extreme of the
interval is open instead of closed.  That will probably help in
calculations, considering our arrays are zero-based (unlike the Algol68
arrays, which can be configured to have different bases.)

If we are gonna change that, now is the right time, before the first
release.  What people think about it?

I think this question worth it's own thread. And FTR, I agree with this change!


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