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Re: [Jitter] Print contexts, generalised

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [Jitter] Print contexts, generalised
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020 20:26:34 +0100
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Hi Luca.

> I am now happy with the state of print contexts, which in their current
> shape should be a good mix of expressive power and ease of use.
> Before print contexts in the rest of the Jitter codebase and pushing to
> the master branch, I would like to hear your comment.
> The full code is in the print-context branch.  The jitter-print.h
> header, whose comments should explain the entire user API, is attached.
> Please tell me what you think.  Regards,
> Example use:
>   jitter_print_context cx = jitter_print_context_make_fd (1);
>   //jitter_print_context cx = jitter_print_context_make_string ();
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "===========\n");
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "main is at "); jitter_print_pointer (cx, main);
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "\n===========\n");
>   jitter_print_int (cx, 10, 0); jitter_print_char_star (cx, "\n");
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "This has a hyperlink: ");
>   jitter_print_begin_hyperlink (cx, "http://ageinghacker.net";);
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "foo");
>   jitter_print_end_hyperlink (cx);
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "\n");
>   jitter_print_begin_class (cx, "interesting");
>   jitter_print_int (cx, 2, 14);
>   jitter_print_end_class (cx);
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "\n");
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "Look at this: ");
>   jitter_print_begin_class (cx, "beautiful");
>   jitter_print_char (cx, 'q');
>   //jitter_print_end_class (cx);
>   jitter_print_char_star (cx, "\n");
>   jitter_print_int (cx, 10, 1234567); jitter_print_char_star (cx, "\n");
>   jitter_print_ulong_long (cx, 10, 1234567); jitter_print_char_star (cx, 
> "\n");
>   jitter_print_long_long (cx, 10, -123456789012345LL); jitter_print_char_star 
> (cx, "\n");
>   //char *s = jitter_print_context_get_string (cx, NULL);  printf ("%s", s); 
> free (s);
>   jitter_print_destroy_context (cx);

>From a poke perspective, I think we are interested on the other side of
the coin: we don't want to print stuff thru Jitter, but we want to be
called(back) by Jitter so we can print stuff.

So, I am guessing, we have to define what you can a new "context kind".
What in the example above is "char_start".  In our case it would be a

Am I correct?

In that case, what is the interface we would have to implement to Jitter
calls us in order to print stuff?

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