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[Bug Build/26920] Several files get created with an extra .tab causing t

From: jose.marchesi at oracle dot com
Subject: [Bug Build/26920] Several files get created with an extra .tab causing the build to fail
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 08:25:54 +0000


--- Comment #3 from Jose E. Marchesi <jose.marchesi at oracle dot com> ---
... and hopefully fixed with this committed patch.
Please confirm this works for you.  Thanks.

commit ec6ec509ad5531b0b05b5a61a7321d2ff91ce6ed 
Author: Jose E. Marchesi <jose.marchesi@oracle.com>
Date:   Thu Nov 19 09:20:54 2020 +0100

    build: use gl_PROG_BISON instead of gl_BISON

    This is the second attempt of avoiding problems in environments where
    YACC is defined.

    This patch uses gl_PROG_BISON instead of gl_BISON in configure.ac, and
    changes the Makefile.am files in order to not use the automake
    implicit rules to build .y files.  Explicit rules are used instead.

    2020-11-19  Jose E. Marchesi  <jemarch@gnu.org>

            * configure.ac: Use gl_PROG_BISON instead of gl_BISON.
            * libpoke/Makefile.am (libpoke_la_SOURCES): Replace pkl-tab.y with
            (pkl-tab.h pkl-tab.c): New rule to invoke bison.
            (BUILT_SOURCES): Declare pkl-tab.h and pkl-tab.c as built sources.
            (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute pkl-tab.y.
            (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Add bison generated files.

            * poke/Makefile.am (poke_SOURCES): Replace pk-map-tab.y with
            (BUILT_SOURCES): Add pk-map-tab.c.
            (EXTRA_DIST): Add pk-map-tab.y
            (pk-map-tab.h pk-map-tab.c): New rule to invoke bison.
            (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Add bison generated files.

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