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Re: [Jitter] Print contexts are in Jitter master; poke submodule not upd

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [Jitter] Print contexts are in Jitter master; poke submodule not updated
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2020 13:53:52 +0100
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>> With some delay, I have finished the big change set introducing print
>> contexts, which is now in the master branch.
>> New tag v0.9.236.  I have *not* updated the jitter submodule in poke as
>> many API changes are incompatible, even if easy.
>> One change which is not completely obvious and that José should notice
>> is that the old
>>   "vmprefix_disassemble_routine_to"
>> is now called
>>   jitter_routine_disassemble
>> , with no "_to"; it takes a print_context argument in place of a FILE *,
>> as many other functions do.  The old "vmprefix_disassemble_routine"
>> which printed to stdout no longer exists.
>> The new header jitter/jitter-print.h explains the new functionality in
>> detail.
>> The new source jitter/jitter-print-libtextstyle.c serves well as an
>> example of a context kind definition.  José can probably ignore the
>> entirety of the build system changes in Jitter (AC_JITTER and
>> AC_JITTER_SUBPACKAGE now define more substitutions and one more Automake
>> conditional; the same information is provided by jitter-config), but
>> should look at that one C source.
>> For the time being I am assuming that the porting effort on the Poke
>> side will be quick and painless; if however I am wrong and you need help
>> feel free to ask.
> Ok, poke master now uses the main interface.

I meant the _new_ interface :)

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