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Re: Change in HACKING, more action, and no more rest!

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: Change in HACKING, more action, and no more rest!
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2020 08:16:22 +0100
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Hi Dan.

> "Jose E. Marchesi" <jemarch@gnu.org> writes:
>> Hi good peoples!
>> Sometimes my friends tell me that I am way too vocal regarding things I
>> don't like.
>> Very well.
>> So this time I gave the ReST format a try before passing a sentence, and
>> used it when I introduced the HACKING file in poke like a year ago, to
>> see how it works in practice.
>> Well, a year later I can say with no prejudice that it sucks so much
>> that I wouldn't use it not even for my shopping list.
> Out of curiosity: what sucks so much about it in your opinion? (Not that
> I'm against using org, just genuinely curious).

The biggest problem is that it doesn't scale well for non-trivial
structured documents where you have many chapters, sections,
subsections, etc.  Given any point in the file, it is almost impossible
to determine where you are, and how deep you are nested in the
sectioning tree.  Therefore document structure editing is a real PITA.

Another big problem is that you don't have block contexts.  In Texinfo
you have @beginfoo ... @endfoo, and in Org you have #+BEGIN_FOO
... #+END_FOO.

Finally, way too many things are not defined in rest and makes you rely
on several hacks which are not compatible between them, like that buggy
broken support for a table of content in rst-mode.

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