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Re: GNU poke 0.90 pre-released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: GNU poke 0.90 pre-released
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2021 10:17:51 +0100
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Hello Jose,

> The pre-release poke-0.90.tar.gz is now available at
> https://jemarch.net/poke-0.90.tar.gz.

Wget and Firefox complain about the certificate for that URL.
So I took the tarball from here:


> The planned date for releasing 1.0 is Friday 27 February 2021, but
> this may change depending on the amount of problems found in this
> pre-release, and the subsequent needed additional pre-releases.

I've looked through the POT file and noticed the following things.
First the most important:

msgid ""
"Commanding poke from the command line:\n"

"  -c, --command=CMD                   execute the given command.\n"

"  -s, --source=FILE                   execute commands from FILE.\n"

Please put each option and section header into a separate puts statement,
so that later, when you add new options, it is just another string for the
translators, instead of invalidating also the translations of several existing
descriptions.  And this way the translators don't have to painstakingly check
that the existing parts of the msgid really didn't change.

Also, please remove the period at the end of the option descriptions.  They
are not the custom, and are typographically incorrect.  When a sentence ends
with a period,  it should start with a capital.  If there is no capital (as
is custom in option descriptions) then there should be no period.

msgid "out of memory\n"

msgid "out of memory"

msgid "Out of memory"

Shouldn't these all have the same form?

msgid "Base with more than 64 bits"

msgid "Expected decimal digit after %u"

The surrounding error message all start with a lowercase letter.
Shouldn't these too?

I will hold off announcing poke to the translators until you have addressed
the above issues.  Poke is a new package (for the TP), so there is no hurry
to get the translations up to date.



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