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Emacs integration

From: Boruch Baum
Subject: Emacs integration
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 09:59:44 -0500
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Congratulations on the release milestone! The email I received today was
the first I've heard of your project, and I look forward to hearing more
as it progresses. This is a very impressive effort that could be of
tremendous use to anyone working with binary files.

In looking at the bugzilla, I see that it has an emacs section, but I
find no discussion of emacs integration in the manual. From skimming the
lisp files that I noticed in the release tarball, it seems that the
current level of emacs integration is mainly to ease defining poke
programs and pickles, and secondarily to identify poke-defined data
structures in binary files. Is that about correct? Could you publish a
stub in the manual to outline what future you expect for emacs
integration? (If you just answer me in email, the response would be
useless for most others).

What I was hoping to find was integration with the existing emacs
hexl-mode, to identify and manipulate poke-defined data-structures from
within hexl-mode, and to pretty-print regions in a separate buffer.

What would be dreamy would be a poke data-structure editor similar to

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