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[Bug Other/27481] New: Codespell report for "poke" (on fossies.org)

From: Jens.Schleusener at fossies dot org
Subject: [Bug Other/27481] New: Codespell report for "poke" (on fossies.org)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2021 11:36:29 +0000


            Bug ID: 27481
           Summary: Codespell report for "poke"  (on fossies.org)
           Product: poke
           Version: unspecified
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P2
         Component: Other
          Assignee: unassigned at sourceware dot org
          Reporter: Jens.Schleusener at fossies dot org
                CC: poke-devel at gnu dot org
  Target Milestone: ---

First gratulations to the release of "poke" version 1.0.

Also animated by the project name and related memories of my first programming
experiences on a C64, the "poke" project is now also supported by the FOSS
server fossies.org:


That version-independent URL should redirect always to the last "poke" version
available on Fossies.

The Fossies server offers among others also a feature named "Source code
misspelling reports" (https://fossies.org/features.html#codespell). Such
reports are normally only generated on request, but as Fossies administrator I
have just set up for testing purposes such a "codespell"
(https://github.com/codespell-project/codespell) based analysis for the "poke"

The according continuously updated reports are done using the "poke" Git master
version and are generated within a special restricted "test" folder that isn't
really integrated into the standard Fossies services and should also not be
accessible to search engines:


By the way, the context type of the spelling errors and typos are marked by a
single character (within the sortable column "T"): The less interesting,
probably not user visible ones (in "comments") are greyed, while the probably
more interesting ones are black-colored. Especially interesting may be
unassigned errors marked by a "?" since they may be contained in the source
code itself (but for "poke" this isn't the case since a helper program
unfortunately didn't identified the ".pks" files as Assembly routines). Some
more according information is offered by a tooltip if the mouse is over the
string "error context type character" above the table, over the "T" in the
table header or over such a context character itself within the table. If
JavaScript is enabled all table columns are sortable.

Although after a first review some obviously wrong matches ("False Positives" =
FPs) are already filtered out (ignored) please inform me if you find more of
them so that I can adapt the used configuration if applicable.

Although the correction of spelling errors or typos has probably not a top
priority, I hope that the report can nevertheless be a little bit useful
(especially for a new software project).

If you don't like that codespelling or don't need it anymore, please let me

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