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Re: none

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: none
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 10:43:44 +0100
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> On Mo, 2021-03-15T00:14+0100, Jose E. Marchesi wrote:
>> >>From Thomas Weißschuh <thomas@t-8ch.de> # This line is ignored.
>> > From: Thomas Weißschuh <thomas@t-8ch.de>
>> > Reply-To: 
>> > Subject: Distribute editor syntax highlighting
>> > In-Reply-To: 
>> >
>> > Changes since v1:
>> > * Compute Emacs lisp dir instead of hardcoding it
>> > * Compile Emacs bytecode
>> > * Make vim destination configurable
>> If you create an account in savannah and let me know the username I will
>> add you to the `poke' project so you can write to the git repo.
> Thanks for the trust!
> My name on savannah is "weissschuh".

Ok, now you should have write access to poke.git.

> Just to be sure:
> I am supposed to push the vim/Emacs patches myself to git, right?


Please put the Emacs patches in both master and maint/poke-1 (push to
master then cherry-pick to maint/poke-1).

The vim stuff is not in the maintenance branch, so please push the
installation support for vim to just `master'.

Thanks, and welcome onboard! :)

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