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ext4.pk + suggestions

From: dekenevs
Subject: ext4.pk + suggestions
Date: Sun, 30 May 2021 01:11:49 +0300
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I've had fun writing the ext4.pk. It probably needs a map, but currently
I played around with it by using the methods. I also wrote a little demo
script, which lists the '/' directory, picks a random subdirectory, and
then tries to look (guess) for deleted inodes.

There are still some things to implement which I didn't really find

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Description: ext4.pk

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Description: pokefs.pk.v0.-1

While writing it, I've found some nice-to-have features:

     - endianess for integral structs
     - fixed-sized structs (like integral structs but bigger)
     - docstrings (which can be accessed with .doc or .help)
     - lazy arrays (of fixed-sized structs)
     - I've noticed that despite declaring a field conditionally (i.e
       an optional field), the field is (I just assume) still loaded in
       memory - because the loading takes longer
     - 'save' output file offset + size
     - sleep (don't we all need it? xD)
     - stdin, fprintf, and printf accepting string (I tried to create a
       function 'debug' which calls printf but failed :( ; maybe I did
       something wrong)
     - setting (not declaring) variables inside a struct
     - maybe macros?

Thank you for maintaining this software!

I'm thinking that sometime I might try journald logs. ^^

Kind regards,

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