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Re: [RFC] New JSON representation for Poke values in MI

From: Kostas Chasialis
Subject: Re: [RFC] New JSON representation for Poke values in MI
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2021 11:56:57 +0200

Hi Jose,

Thanks for working on this.

Our pleasure :)

Ok, so now JSON encodes values tagged with their type.


I think that is ok.  We are using the schema as a spec, not as a
validation tool.

I agree.

I am a bit worried that this new schema, while more conceptually
correct, is actually more verbose for simple values like integrals,
offsets and strings.  Maybe that is not a problem in practice... it all
depends on what kind of values will be most often used in the MI.

Sorry but I can’t see how it's more verbose. 
However, even if it is more verbose for simple values, I believe this is acceptable because its a lot less verbose for structs and arrays which might contain lots of elements, which will cause a lot of duplicate information being transmitted.

Also, I would suggest s/PokeType/type, s/PokeValue/value.


Other than that, this certainly looks better to me than the previous

I suggest we move on with the implementation then, if Mohammad also agrees.

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