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Re: [Jitter] New tag v0.9.270 , submodule updated in poke

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [Jitter] New tag v0.9.270 , submodule updated in poke
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 00:04:01 +0200
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> Hello.
> I have just pushed a large collection of small change sets that had been
> accumulating, and made a new tag: v0.9.270 .
> I updated the jitter submodule in poke, on the master branch.
> There should be no user-visible incompatible changes.  The changes most
> interesting for Jitter users are in the Structured example, which now
> includes procedures with tail calls, on both code generators --
> stack-based and register-based.
> Portability has improved: it is now easy to add minimal-threading
> support for new architectures; I did that for Aarch64 and Alpha as a
> proof of concept.  The case of Alpha is interesting for the handling of
> its global pointer register ($29 or $gp) which is how supported by
> about this feature and its interesting implementation with some friends
> from the Poke project some months ago, over jitsi.  Anybody else who is
> curious about this is invited to look at the definition of JITTER_CALL_C
> .
> These changes make my porting efforts easier but are, of course,
> completely invisible to the user of Jitter.
> Jitter now supports Android.  I have Structured and JitterLisp happily
> running on my Replicant phone, with minimal threading.  No-threading
> support for ARM will come.
> I will now be back at work on Jittery VM instrumentation for debugging.
> Regards,

Thanks Luca.

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