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LibrePlanet 2022

From: Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor
Subject: LibrePlanet 2022
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2021 00:18:03 +0330


I'm going to propose a talk for LibrePlanet 2022 about using `libpoke`
inside other applications to take advantage of poke capabilities.

Please tell me your comments!

Possible titles:

  Embedding GNU poke inside your application
  poke All The Things
  Examples of using libpoke in applications

Possible description:

GNU poke is about manipulating structured binary data.
It has two parts: a library and a cli program (the editor).
Other programs can use the decoding/encoding capability of
GNU poke through `libpoke` library.
This talk will presents some examples of such integrations
both in popular programs like `gdb` and `gas`, and also in
some small ones.

Possible duration: 30-45 minutes


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