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Running Python UDFs in Weld.

From: Konstantinos Chasialis
Subject: Running Python UDFs in Weld.
Date: Sat, 7 May 2022 22:48:45 +0000


I hope this email finds you well.

I am trying to run a UDF pipeline on a dataset using Weld (or grizzly, I 

Grizzly, however, (as far as I know) does not offer an optimized function to 
apply for example a scalar UDF on a specific column of the dataset.

I found that one way to do it is to access the internal data using to_pandas() 
which has a function called “apply” and use this function to run a Python UDF 
on a column.

The problem is that I want to measure Weld’s performance on UDFs and by 
accessing the internal data and applying the functions just like a normal 
python program would do
is not a fair way to measure Weld’s performance regarding (Python) UDF 

That’s why I decided to reach you out.
My question is simple:

How can I apply a scalar UDF on a column of the dataset in an optimized way 
using Weld?

Kind Regards,

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