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Re: [PATCH builder.git] master.cfg: add GNU poke builder

From: Arsen Arsenović
Subject: Re: [PATCH builder.git] master.cfg: add GNU poke builder
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 13:21:31 +0100


"Jose E. Marchesi" <jemarch@gnu.org> writes:

> Hi Arsen.
> Thank you so much for working on this.

Happy to help!  :)

> Regarding CPUs, Jitter is quite sensible to them when run in
> non-threaded mode, so it is a good thing to test on them in order to
> detect issues before releases.
> For example, we had several problems with (if I remember properly) arm
> 32-bit and some other arch with poke 2.0.
> Mohammad and Luca may have particular suggestions..

Sure, let's wait for them to chime in.

> As discussed in IRC, this is the script that Bruno uses in the gitlab
> CI.  I think replicating it may be good:
> https://gitlab.com/gnu-poke/ci-distcheck

OK, looking at this, I think we could have:
- One builder that runs distcheck and saves the resulting tar(s), and
- N builders for each arch/distro combo we want to run on, that just run
  make check and save the result (like the patch already would).
  That *could* also involve multilib, though I think an i686 runner
  would be equivalent but less complicated?  Not sure.

That'd (AFAICT) replicate the behavior of current CI, save for optional
packages.  We could re-run configuration without those, too.

I think config.log should cover all the useful information config.status
and config.cache contains, so maybe we could also omit saving those?

Have a good day.
Arsen Arsenović

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