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Re: [PATCH builder.git] master.cfg: add GNU poke builder

From: Arsen Arsenović
Subject: Re: [PATCH builder.git] master.cfg: add GNU poke builder
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 15:43:20 +0100


"Frank Ch. Eigler" <fche@elastic.org> writes:

> Other builder.sourceware.org projects that use both check & distcheck
> import the two sets of configury/test results into separate bunsen
> testruns, so they can be separately tracked.  See also:

This is confusing me a bit.  I tried running distcheck locally, and the
test results from the distcheck build would be deleted as the last step
of distcheck.  These are the commands I ran (obtained from master.cfg
just to be sure):

  git clone https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/poke.git
  cd poke
  sudo genlop -t gettext
  ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode
  make V=1 -j 17
  make -j17 V=1 check
  make -j17 V=1 distcheck

There's no resulting .log anywhere that ``find .'' could reach.

I tried working around this by setting am__post_remove_distdir, but
that'd get inherited by the distcleancheck step and break it.  I'm not
aware of a way to pass variables to just the top level make invocation.

Arsen Arsenović

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