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big numbers in poke notes for gsoc prop

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: big numbers in poke notes for gsoc prop
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 00:14:05 +0100
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Big numbers in poke

- Build system work
  + Getting familiar with libgmp
  + Integration with libgmp in configure.ac
  + Documenting the new requirement
  + Portability (maybe gnulib modules)

- PVM work
  + New boxed PVM values for bigs and unsigned bigs (pvm-val.h)
  + New instructions for big numbers
    - Conversion instructions
    - Arithmetic instructions
    - Formatting/printing instructions
    - ...

- IOS work
  + Supporting IO space integers with no size limit.
  + Addressing (currently limited to 64-bit space of bits).

- Compiler work
  + Lifting 64-bit restrictions in compiler passes.
  + Constant folding (requires gmp)
  + Promotions.
  + Document new Poke language constructions.
  + Code generation.

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