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Sourceware infrastructure updates for Q2 2023

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Sourceware infrastructure updates for Q2 2023
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2023 11:16:21 +0200
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Sourceware infrastructure community updates for Q2 2023

- https://dwarfstd.org/ joins Sourceware
- https://snapshots.sourceware.org/
- Simpler b4 setup
- Sourceware joins Software Freedom Conservancy
- Sourceware joins the fediverse @sourceware@fosstodon.org
- Mirrors and Software Heritage
- Open Office Hours (this Friday)

= dwarfstd.org joins Sourceware

The DWARF Debugging Standard, are now hosted on Sourceware. This
includes git.dwarfstd.org, wiki.dwarfstd.org and lists.dwarfstd.org.
Sourceware already hosted the old dwarf2 archives

= snapshots.sourceware.org

Thanks to OSUOSL we now have a snapshots server to publish static
artifacts from current git repos created in isolated containers.

It can be used as alternative to git hooks or cron jobs to generate
snapshots for things like:

GNU poke code and doc snapshots:
elfutils code coverage:
libabigail website, manuals and api docs:
valgrind snapshots and manuals:
DWARF draft spec:

The container files and build steps are defined through the builder


= Simpler b4 setup

Previously the guidance for adding b4 support through
inbox.sourceware.org was to add per project mailing-list b4
settings. But if all your projects have an inbox.sourceware.org
mailinglist you can simply use:

$ git config --global b4.midmask https://inbox.sourceware.org/%s
$ git config --global b4.linkmask https://inbox.sourceware.org/%s

Since public-inbox knows about all message-ids independent of which
mailinglist they were posted in and b4 just needs the message-id.

Thanks to Thomas Schwinge for the hint.

= Sourceware joins Software Freedom Conservancy


As the fiscal host of Sourceware, Software Freedom Conservancy will
provide a home for fundraising, legal protection and governance that
will benefit all projects under Sourceware's care.  We share one
mission: developing, distributing and advocating for Software Freedom.
Together we will offer a worry-free, friendly home for core toolchain
and developer tool projects.

There will be no big changes, this is just an oppertunity to protect
the confidence in the long term future of Sourceware. There is a small
budget already available which we would like to use for extra
redundancy and backup services. But we are happy to discuss other
ideas like mentioned in the original proposal and Sourceware technical


= Sourceware joins the fediverse

Sourceware joined the fediverse at @sourceware@fosstodon.org

The account will be used for Sourceware announcements, notices about
downtime and temporary issues with our network.

= Mirrors and Software Heritage

We added two rsync and http mirrors in China

And the Software Heritage project https://www.softwareheritage.org/
started archiving the active git repos. We are working on also adding
the (historic) subversion and cvs archives. This is in addition to the
mirrors at SourceHut https://sr.ht/~sourceware/

Thanks to Paul Wise for getting the ball rolling.

= Overseers Open Office hours

Every second Friday of the month is the Overseers Open Office hour in
#overseers on irc.libera.chat from 18:00 till 19:00 UTC. That is this
Friday June 9th.

Of course you are welcome to drop into the #overseers channel at any
time and we can also be reached through email and bugzilla:

If you aren't already and want to keep up to date on Sourceware
infrastructure services then please also subscribe to the overseers
mailinglist. https://sourceware.org/mailman/listinfo/overseers

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