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First submission?

From: Will Hawkins
Subject: First submission?
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2023 10:22:15 -0400

Hello everyone!

I am writing to ask for advice on if/how I can make a very small,
initial contribution to an amazing tool and community:

I am building poke (I hope that I am using the verbiage correctly -- I
read the Nomenclature section in HACKING!) on Fedora from git and
found it absolutely dead simple thanks to your incredibly well
organized documentation.

Despite years of experience with the

make install

dance, I got caught a bit off guard by the use of autopoint and where
to find it in Fedora. I learned that it is part of gettext
(gettext-devel package on Fedora) and your documentation about
Autotools (in HACKING) infers that. However, I was wondering if you

1. Think that adding some information about where to find autopoint is
useful (because it does not appear to be as common a part of the
normal autotools that people think of [i.e., autoreconf, automake,
2. Had any suggestion on where to put that documentation (assuming an
affirmative response to (1).

Sorry for such a long email for so trivial a question.

Thank you for welcoming new contributors and the great community you
have built around poke! I hope I'll be able to help!


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