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Sourceware infrastructure updates for Q3 2023

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Sourceware infrastructure updates for Q3 2023
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2023 10:22:01 +0200
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Sourceware infrastructure community updates for Q3 2023

- Sourceware 25 Roadmap
- git source code integrity
- inbox.sourceware.org vs HTML email
- Continuous glibc src and manual snapshots
- Conservancy BBB server for Sourceware projects
- Working on individual tech sovereignty together
- Sourceware Overseers Open Office hour

= Sourceware 25 Roadmap

Preparing Sourceware for the next 25 years.

In the last couple of years we have started to diversify our hardware
partners, setup new services using containers and isolated VMs,
investigated secure supply chain issues, added redundant mirrors,
created a non-profit home, collected funds, invested in open
communication, open office hours and introduced community oversight by
a Sourceware Project Leadership Committee with the help from the
Software Freedom Conservancy.


= git source code integrity.

gitsigur for protecting git repo integrity. With comparisons,
developer workflow examples and composition possibilities for
gitsigur, b4 and sigstore.


Sourceware now also allows signed git pushes (in addition to signed
git commits).

= inbox.sourceware.org vs HTML email

HTML email. Most Sourceware projects allow it, if there is at least a
text/plain alternative.

But public-inbox is not so forgiving, it only allows plain-text
emails, HTML is rejected by default.

So the https://inbox.sourceware.org archive was incomplete.

We now have a filter that removes redundant HTML parts before storing
in public-inbox. And we re-imported missing emails to make the archive

But please don't sent HTML email. It will make DKIM verification of
your email impossible.

= Continuous glibc src and manual snapshots

glibc is the latest Sourceware project that provides continuous
snapshots from current git with both source archives and manuals.


This helps to make sure the release process always works and that
manuals can be produced in various formats.

Thanks to OSUOSL for hosting the snapshots server.

= Conservancy BBB server for Sourceware projects

The Software Freedom Conservancy is extending the use of their Big
Blue Button instance https://bbb.sfconservancy.org/ to Sourceware
projects that want to host video meetings.


Please contact overseers@sourceware.org for instructions on how to
create an account for your project.

Note: Anyone is able to join a meeting, accounts are only required to
create new meetings.

= Working on individual tech sovereignty together

Valgrind was picked for a FUTO https://futo.org Microgrant, which has
been donated to Sourceware through the Software Freedom Conservancy
for maintaining and expanding the infrastructure for Valgrind and
other core toolchain and developer tool projects.


If you want to donate to Sourceware please see
https://sfconservancy.org/donate and become a Conservancy Sustainer or
give directly by mentioning Sourceware as comment or on the memo line.

= Sourceware Overseers Open Office hour

Every second Friday of the month is the Sourceware Overseers Open
Office hour in #overseers on irc.libera.chat from 18:00 till 19:00
UTC. The next one will be Friday September 4th.

Please feel free to drop by with any Sourceware services and hosting
questions. Feedback and questions about the Sourceware 25 Roadmap are
also very appreciated. https://sourceware.org/sourceware-25-roadmap.html

Of course you are welcome to drop into the #overseers channel at any
time and we can also be reached through email and bugzilla:

If you aren't already and want to keep up to date on Sourceware
infrastructure services then please also subscribe to the overseers
mailinglist. https://sourceware.org/mailman/listinfo/overseers

We are also on the fediverse these days:

The Sourceware Project Leadership Committee also meets once a month to
discuss all community input. The committee will set priorities and
decide how to spend any funds, negotiate with hardware and service
partners, create budgets together with the Conservancy, or decide when
a new fundraising campaign is needed. Up till now we have been able to
add new services without needing to use any of the collected
funds. Our hardware partners have also been very generous with
providing extra servers when requested. The current committee includes
Frank Ch. Eigler, Christopher Faylor, Ian Kelling, Ian Lance Taylor,
Tom Tromey, Jon Turney, Mark J. Wielaard and Elena Zannoni.

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