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Help Wanted

From: Razvan Bruma
Subject: Help Wanted
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:44:07 -0700 (PDT)

   The problem with the 'rm' utility on the GNU system
is that it deletes a file permanently, and usually
there's no reliable way to perform undeletion in UNIX.
Therefore I started  writing a utility which
implements some sort of a "recycle bin" for users, and
which can be useful especially to beginners, but not
only for them. This can help people not to completely
remove an useful file, but rather to temporary store
it in a "bin directory", from which the "undeletion"
it's reliable.
  This is only version 0.1, but it's a working one,
although the capabilities are somewhat limited. I hope
that in the next versions, up to 1.0 which is intented
to be the first release, this will be a fully
functional and useful program. 
  If someone with good C knowledge wants to give me a
hand in testing and developing this program, that will
be great. Any contributions, from mere opinions and
suggestions to pieces of running code, are warmly
  If there are any volunteers, please send me a
message to address@hidden, so that I send you in
turn the code.  

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