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Proofreading of new section of GNU website

From: Vladimir Tamara
Subject: Proofreading of new section of GNU website
Date: 12 Dec 2000 16:52:51 +0100
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I have been working in a new  section in the GNU website that is still
under development: Education.

As I'm not  a native english speaker I would  like your corrections to
the grammar  and the ortography.  Other opinions are also welcome.

In  the mailing  list  I saw  a  random procedure  proposed by  Andrew
Makhorin  to decide who  reads, I  liked it  and hence  I will  use it
(although I don't know how many proofreaders are in this list):

"Please, take a  deck of 32 playing cards, shuffle  them, and pick out
one  card.   If it  will  be  the queen  of  spades,  please, read  my
documentation;  if not,  please,  do  not read.  (If  you haven't  got
playing cards,  please, pick any uniformly  distributed random integer
from 1 to 32. The queen of spades has the number 6.)"

The page to read is very short (for the moment) and it is at:

Best regards
  Vladimir Támara Patiño.
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