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Software engineer

From: Kian Haghdad
Subject: Software engineer
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 01:49:21 -0500


I have got your email from the Web site and I am very interested in working for 
your company. I 
have a BS in Electrical Engineering and computer science and worked on my 
Master degree 
in Telecommunication engineering (not finished due to the lucrative market!). I 
have also 7++ 
years of experience with software development, Internet development and 
hardware. I have 
worked for many companies both in Iran and in the United States using different 
I am looking for a position which utilizes my experience. I am open to both 
Permanent position 
or contract to permanent positions.

I am Canadian resident and have permission to work in Canada.
I have attached my resume and sincerely appreciate your attention, thank you.


Kian Haghdad

Here is my resume:

Kian Haghdad
8 Kingsbridge Crt., Apt. 508 
Toronto, Ontario M2R 1L5
Home: (416) 630-7066
Fax:  (416) 630-7991
Email: address@hidden

I have more than 7+ years of experience in application development, Database 
Internet development. I have also been involved in hardware design. My software 
development experience is mainly in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, 
Visual InterDev, 
COM, DCOM, MFC, SDKs, MS-Access, MS-SQL, FoxPro,
Java script and VB script. Over the years I have been responsible for the 
Development of many applications from design to commercial release.


Sharif University OF Technology, Tehran (The best technical school in Iran)     
B.S. Degree: Electrical Engineering and computer science
Worked on M.S. degree in Telecommunication engineering


American SkySat, Walnut Creek, California       6/00-Present
* Involved in the development of a web application in Visual InterDev 6.0 using 
Active Server 
Pages (ASP), Microsoft E-Commerce, SQL 7.0, XML, Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual 
Basic 6.0, 
Visual J++ 6.0, COM (ATL), DCOM, JavaScript and VB Script. The web server was 
Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft site server 3.0, with Microsoft 
E-Commerce edition 
3.0 and FrontPage extension running under the NT Server The web application 
provides NT 
related services online. The user can register and buy services and also allows 
the user to 
troubleshoot and configure a system at real time online. The web site also 
provides the 
capability of chatting online, customer support online, statistical analysis 
online and transaction 

* Developed a database management application for a medical health care center, 
Visual Basic 6.0, SQL 7.0, Crystal report and Access 2000. (Windows 98 and NT)

American Computech, Pleasanton, California      3/98-5/00
Developed different applications using Visual C++, Visual J++, and Access.

* Involved in the development of a CRM (Customer Relation Management)web 
application in 
Visual InterDev 6.0 using Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft E-Commerce, SQL 
7.0, XML, 
Visual Basic 6.0, Visual J++ 6.0, COM, DCOM, JavaScript and VB Script. (Windows 
98 and 

Developed an application in Visual Basic 5.0, Access 97 and Crystal reports 
(using ODBC) for 
financial analyses department of FHP (Concord, California). The application is 
capable of 
importing data from other systems, analyzing and processing the data and 
generating hundreds 
of reports base on the original data.

*Developed an MDI application in Visual C++5,0 and Access 97 for windows called 
ID maker. 
The application is designed to drive a digital camera, capture a picture and 
generate different 
ID cards using OLE (marketing for schools and clubs). The Cannon digital camera 
is controlled 
via DLL functions calls to the camera's driver. The camera is connected via a 
parallel port. I 
have also developed several OCXs for this project.

Developed an application in Visual Basic 5.0, Access 97 and Crystal reports 
(using ODBC). 
The application is a very large information management system for CBI (City 
Building Inc. in 
San Francisco). The application contains 28 relational tables large number of 
queries forms 
and reports.

Tavanir Co., Tehran, Iran       9/95-3/98
*Developed an application in Visual C++ 5.0 intended for network control 
managements. The 
application is able to get information such as voltage, active and reactive 
power from power 
plants and transmission stations and specifies transmission state using power 
flow method after 
a fault occurs on the transmission line. 

* Developed an application for voltage drop on the net. The application was 
developed in 
Visual Basic 5.0 using graphical OCXs.

* Developed hardware for the high voltage network.

*Developed an application in Visual C++ 4.0. The application checks the 
transmitting power on 
the lines and controls the system's steady state by alarm system.

*Developed an application in Visual C++ 4.0 set the protection relays in 
substations to protect 
the network's reliability.

Pishro Co., Tehran, Iran        11/94-6/95
Designed, developed and implemented electrical systems using computer aided 
software. The 
electrical systems were intended for both indoors (Buildings) and outdoors 
(Airports and 
The systems were designed and based on the standard and regulation of 
electrical system.

Pardis Tower Co, Tehran, Iran   1/93-11/94
Designed simulators for training purpose.
*Developed an application in  C++ for  cycloconvertor simulator. The  
cycloconvertor is used in the starters of synchronous motors.
*Developed application using C++  for control speed of  DC motors. The 
 gets input voltage to the motor, speed of motor and rotor's current. It can 
 the motor speed based on requested speed.
*Developed application using C++ for step motor's control speed. In order to 
change the angle 
of dish antenna, the application orders to step motor to change the rotor's 

Software development
Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, MFC, SDKs, COM, DCOM, 
ATL ActiveXs 
, C++, Fortran, Intel  8085 Assembler Access.
Internet development
Visual InterDev 6.0, Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL 7.0, COM, DCOM, Java 
Database development
MS-SQL, Access, FoxPro
Operating System Used

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