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ADV:Membermail Daniel Leuenberger `SECRET LOLITAS ARCHIVE`

From: Daniel
Subject: ADV:Membermail Daniel Leuenberger `SECRET LOLITAS ARCHIVE`
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 01:09:05 -0700


You have seen a lot of "lolita" sites?
Tons of consoles, low speed connection, small and blurry photos. Right?
Want to see real Lolitas site?  site amoung others. 
We all know that only pay sites can give you 
high speed connection and there is no annoying advertising. is a one of the best pay site
with the highest service. Huge collections of 
Hiqh Quality uncensored photos. Weekly updates. 
Try it now!

Yours faithfully, Daniel Leuenberger

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