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Re: documentation

From: Zenaan Harkness
Subject: Re: documentation
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:27:34 +1100
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On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 10:31:11PM +0800, Anke & Max wrote:
> Gidday Folks
> I'm a newbie Sys Admin and don't know that much about Linux, but I HATE
> errors (read "spelling mistakes, poor english, etc") in webpages and
> documents. I don't have a lot of spare time but hey, can I help?

Anything web page errors you come across, you can obviously post to the
corresponding webmaster.

gnuproofreaders is relatively low volume - may be two or three times a
year a large(ish) project comes up - eg. proofreading the GNU Emacs
manual, so a bunch of us randomly pick a chapter and proofread it.

That's how it's been so far anyway.

Other than that, it's up to you to be diligent on an ongoing basis, as
it suits you. An example for myself:

I got annoyed one too many times with references to GNU Public License
(it is meant to be GNU General Public License or just General Public
License - similarly for LGPL). The reason and got frustrated to the
point of doing something about was that these incorrect references were
appearing in fundamental GNU software - eg. fileutils, binutils, etc. So
I grepped a few of these packages - the ones I was working with at the
time - and emailed the corresponding maintainers.

My intention was to systematically go through all GNU packages -
downloading and grepping - but I haven't progressed beyond the initial

It's a good group. Welcome.


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