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(no subject)

From: GracieABlack
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 14:16:44 EST

The following came to me from the proofreaders mailing list. I don't know how trash like this could get through, but it needs to be stopped. Any person who would send cash to this obvious scam is to be pitied.

Date: 11/5/2003 12:09:59 PM Central Standard Time
From: address@hidden
To: address@hidden
Received from Internet: click here for more information

It is with great hope despite my unforeseen predicament that I am writing this great letter to you from East London in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

I am Eastlyn Bobo-Taylor the niece of newly ousted President of Liberia, presently seeking asylum in a neighboring West African country. We are originally from the Trinidad and Tobago before the father of Charles Taylor; President of Liberia migrated to Liberia enroute Spain. I am a divorcee with one son named claude Bobo Jnr. I have been living a lowly life with my son until 3 years ago when President Charles Taylor came visiting Trinidad and Tobago. He took me and my son along with him to Liberia where he granted us Liberian citizenship.

Since then I have been assisting him in his Diamond deals with buyers who came isiting Liberia for bulk purchases. Charles Taylor uses the revenue from the trade in diamonds to finance his fight against the rebels within Liberia and border country, Sierra Leone. As a result of high demand of Liberian Diamond, many African leaders became his friends and he had many Diamond Deposits in almost all of the Apex banks in Africa in exchange for Hard Currency for future investment purposes.

Fortunately for me, he had one of the Diamond Deposit in South Africa in my name. And that is why I and my son quickly sought for asylum here in South Africa to enable me monitor the release of the Diamond Deposit for Hard Currency in United States Dollars. Hence, I am contacting you to assist me as the recipient of this fund into your bank account in your country for oversea investments.

I chose to contact you because of the following reasons: One, as an asylum seeker, I am limited by South African law to carry out this transaction. Two, when the Diamond were deposited it was agreed that it will be paid out in United States Dollars for oversea investment outside South Africa. So, I cannot have the funds released to me while I am here in South Africa except oversea and we are here on asylum as such restricted by law to handle this project. Three, I require strictly, a foreign organisation duly registered and verifiable as having conformed to the basic operating and equity standards in its area of domicile, to receive this amount in question.

It is my desire to establish a Humanitarian Foundation dedicated toward development of African Child. So, We will need to invest this fund into a viable investment that will be recommended by you. This will afford us the needed finance to run the activities of the intended foundation. Your role, in the above regard, will be to act as the beneficiary of the funds in question, as my status as asylum limits me from executing this transaction as the beneficiary.

Should you be willing to assist me do not hesitate to contact me or my son for further deliberation on how best to execute this transaction. The amount involved is very huge and I cannot toil with this opportunity to secure the future of my only child and generation. Please email us at: address@hidden or you fax us on 27 11 5075317

Thank you and God bless you.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Eastlyn Bobo-Taylor

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