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(no subject)

From: reserves guide
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 13:06:01 +0600

Hello de\aDr hTome owner,

WVe have b&een notified that yoP5ur morAtfg0qag!e rDoaIWte is fixed aDMt a very hi2GgWjh iJntp8eFrest rate T[hereMfort1e you are curreg9nt overp;ayin]g, whXic]h sums-<up to thbPoudLsands of doliBlar41s annually .

Luck.ily for you we cLgan gdukooarantee the lowest rates i_n the U.S. (3.50%). So huLrry bec=ause the ratZwe fJor6pecamst is not loo_king good!

Th[eEre is no obligatiohns, and it FRE5E

Lock on the 3.zQ50%, even with bad crediti!





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