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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.1, created. v0.8.1

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.1, created. v0.8.1
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 03:47:53 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v0.8.1 has been created
        at  19188c07127f9b2c7e7e8ac51d69afb708f53525 (tag)
   tagging  08e2749061c0c1732fb3c2a5534ae9fffd74fa24 (commit)
  replaces  v0.8.0
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Mon Sep 23 20:46:46 2013 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 0.8.1.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Bastián Díaz (1):
      gui: Update artwork.

Ben Pfaff (36):
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      Use "auto" mode for parsing syntax in the GUI (and elsewhere).
      pspp-sheet-view: Fix bug that omitted bottom of cell grid lines.
      pspp-sheet-view: Draw vertical grid lines at far right of grid.
      psppire-var-sheet: Add measurement level icons to variable sheet.
      gui: Remove processor-area from status bar to reduce minimum window width.
      psppire-var-sheet: Add alignment icons to variable sheet.
      pspp-dump-sav: Print a new-line following text record content.
      sys-file-reader: Improve diagnostics for unexpected special values.
      sys-file-reader: Handle SPSS 21 change in representation of LOWEST.
      sys-file-reader: Ignore subtype 24 written by SPSS 21.
      sys-file-reader: Accept measurement value of zero without complaint.
      encoding-guesser: Fix bug in parsing fallback encodings.
      gui: Restore icons deleted in error.
      Makefiles: Use $(LTLIBREADLINE) instead of $(LIBREADLINE).
      doc: Clarify that DO REPEAT only substitutes whole words.
      psppire: Relocate icon files also.
      psppire-var-sheet: Hard-code size of pixbuf cells.
      lexer: Rename LEX_ERROR_INTERACTIVE to LEX_ERROR_TERMINAL, change default
      gui: Remove declarations of variables not defined anywhere.
      VARIABLE ROLE: New command.
      VARIABLE ROLE: Use correct system file representation.
      VARIABLE ROLE: Document the format and add a test.
      data-parser: A hard delimiter at end of line is not an empty field.
      spreadsheet-reader: Avoid 'unused variable' warnings.
      psppire-dictview: Generalize 
      psppire-var-sheet: Generalize get_var_align_stock_id().
      psppire-var-sheet: Factor out code into new function path_string_to_var().
      psppire-var-sheet: Add icons to combo boxes for alignment and measurement.
      psppire-var-sheet: Add icons for role column too.
      sys-file-info: Make cmd_sysfile_info() more flexible internally.
      sys-file-reader: Add support for record 7, subtype 10.
      gui: Remove unused dictionary parameter from missing_values_to_string().
      psppire-dictview: New function psppire_dict_view_get_selected_variables().
      psppire-dialog-action-var-info: Allow multiple variable selection.
      Update version number to 0.8.1.

John Darrington (29):
      Fix crash when changing variable formats in data import dialog.
      Change "variable_changed" to "variable-changed" in signal name
      Added mimetype icons
      Added names of new artwork contributors to about dialog
      Integrated the application icons
      Make distcheck pass
      Replace legacy application icon by new one
      Replaced the splash screen with a new one
      Added new icons and made them stock items.
      Smake: Add appropriate dependencies to manifest and icon-names targets
      Added the new "about-logo"
      Remove legacy icons
      Deleted some files which do not seem to serve any purpose
      Reduce the possibility of translator errors
      Fixed bug in command line parser
      src/output/table.h: Rename class -> klass
      Deleted legacy icons
      Smake: Move the svg2png function to its own $call
      Added url for ODS to the documentation
      Dont try to build in gnumeric/odf reader if the libraries are not 
      Change instances of GNM_SUPPORT to GNM_READ_SUPPORT
      Make one of the icon sets a wildcard set.
      NEWS: Mention the new icons
      FACTOR: Fix bug interpreting the /CRITERIA=ITERATE subcommand
      Crosstabs: Use logarithms to calculate the product/quotients of factorials
      Correct error calculating significance of fisher exact test.
      Calculate Fisher Exact Test even if all cell counts >= 5
      Added a test which checks the Fisher Exact Test results
      Updated lithuanian translation from TP



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