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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.2, created. v0.8.2

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.2, created. v0.8.2
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 05:42:26 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v0.8.2 has been created
        at  9146fb0d1f2f721949a6ed1bbd5486d180c4f572 (tag)
   tagging  ae7091266bdf301f90916bc0f965c734ceecaeb9 (commit)
  replaces  v0.8.1
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Mon Jan 13 21:42:06 2014 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 0.8.2.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Bastián Díaz (15):
      gui: Update flat icon set to version 0.2
      Smake: Rename references of images and add new ones
      gui:Add new reference to the icons in *.ui files
      psppire-var-sheet: Rename references to the icons for align, measure and 
role icons
      gui: Improved application icon.
      gui: Fix some problems after upgrading flat icons to version 0.2.
      gui: Support for more flat icons and tag loss fixing in some menus.
      Provisional new image is added for univariate analysis.
      New version of icons for mimetypes supported by PSPP
      Tradicional style pictograms weight cases and tag
      New pictogram for "split-file"
      Reference is added to the image to ZSAV files in Smake
      Update on the design of some flat icons
      Correct error from previous commit "Reference is added to the image ZSAV 
files in Smake"
      Support for images 24x24 and 32x32 canvas for some flat icons

Ben Pfaff (56):
      po: Add Ukrainian translation from
      ascii: Use correct arguments in call to msg_error().
      gui: Avoid referencing freed data upon closing data window.
      Ignore some files that are used for the build but not checked in.
      render: Fix bug measuring spanned cells.
      tests: Skip recently added Gnumeric tests if Gnumeric reader was not 
      scan-test: Print nonintegers with limited precision to avoid test 
      variable: Only notify variable width change if it really did change.
      psppire-data-store: Don't try to parse strings as custom currency formats.
      missing-values: Make mv_add_str() easier to use.
      sys-file-reader: Add support for long string missing values.
      Smake: Fix recently introduced typos.
      variable: Complete renaming of ROLE_OUTPUT to ROLE_TARGET.
      doc: Fix usage of @itemx.
      Smake: pspp.png is the generated app icon, not pspp.png.
      doc: Fix odd quotes in text.
      comments-dialog: Avoid segfault in comments dialog pasting very long text.
      por-file-writer: Rename 'fv' member to 'case_index'.
      configure: Make zlib a required dependency (instead of optional).
      sys-file-writer: Simplify compressed data buffering.
      sys-file-writer: Simplify use of put_cmp_number(), put_cmp_string().
      integer-format: Support 8-byte values in integer_put().
      Implement ZLIB compressed system file reader and writer.
      csv-file-writer: Use comma as default delimiter.
      i18n: Make recode_substring_pool() always return a pool_malloc()'d string.
      pspp-convert: New utility to convert among data formats.
      tests: Avoid using \b in sed regular expressions.
      Updated uk.po from TPO
      Updated uk.po from TPO
      psppire-var-sheet: Correct typo that breaks the build.
      gui: Add .zsav support in File|Open and File|Save As dialogs.
      psppire-window: Display .zsav files in the File|Open dialog.
      Updated uk.po from TPO
      Update Ukrainian translation.
      Update version number to to send to translationproject.
      render-test: Render to PDF only if --pdf specified on command line.
      psppire-data-sheet: Show combo boxes only when value labels are displayed.
      psppire-data-window: Set default filter in File|Save As to show all files.
      Smake: Break svg2png out as separate script.
      po: Update Ukrainian and Dutch translations, from translationproject.
      po: Update translations from
      pspp-convert: Use null encoding rather than "Auto" by default.
      pspp-convert: Add support for decrypting encrypted system files.
      DISPLAY DICTIONARY: Add "Label: " prefix for variable labels in output.
      sys-file-info: Avoid duplicate variable name in inner scope.
      src/math/ts: Remove entire directory, which is unused.
      po: Rename ChangeLog to its normal spelling. Add rule to ensure that glade/OChangeLog is always 
      Distribute lots of files that had been missed. Add rule to make sure every file gets distributed.
      cmac-aes256: Correct size of local rk[] array.
      Makefile: Use C locale for checking files to distribute.
      tests: Make pspp-convert respect "make check-valgrind".
      po: Update translations from
      pspp-convert: Fix Mac OS build by eliminating redundant linking.
      configure: Update version number to 0.8.2.

John Darrington (64):
      Added some gtk-criticals when the datasheet is  null.
      Use the msg function to report errors wherever possible.
      Charts: Use colours from Tango palette instead of fully saturated 
      Use correct argument order for pool_nmalloc.
      Documentation: Explain locale issues in the tutorial.
      Detect absence of rl_outstream and handle accordingly.
      Use the 32x32 icon set for the toolbar.
      Remove some #includes which were not necessary
      Replace checkbox-treeview functions with a object PsppireCheckboxTreeview
      Runs dialog: convert from old style to PsppireDialogAction
      Transpose dialog: convert from old style to PsppireDialogAction
      Chi-square dialog: Convert from old style to psppire-dialog-action
      Univariate Dialog: Convert from old style to PsppireDialogAction
      One sample Kalmogorov-Smirnov Dialog: convert from old style to 
      T-Test One Sample Dialog: Convert to PsppireDialogAction
      Remove unncessary property assignments
      MEANS: Fix potential errors in gui syntax generation
      Fixed potentially incorrect dereference in autorecode dialog
      Change toolbar style such that only icons are displayed and no labels.
      Install scalable application icon.
      Text import dialog: Display the thousands separator in the number of 
      Recent to Gtk+2.24
      Simplify psppire-var-view and its relationship to psppire-means-layer
      Removed the about-logo image which is redundant
      Provide home grown rl_echo_signal_char if readline does not provide it
      Remove old signal handlers when target widgets are destroyed
      K-Related Samples Test Dialog: Convert from old style to 
      Remove remaining references to about-logo
      Compute Dialog: Convert to PsppireDialogAction
      Convert count dialog to PsppireDialogAction
      NPar two samples dialog and T-Test paired dialogs: Converted to 
      Oneway anova dialog: Converted to PsppireDialogAction
      Persist font settings
      rl_echo_signal_char: Allow it to work on systems without termios
      Updated ca and es translations from
      New structure xr_color
      Respect forground and background options when writing PNG charts.
      Corrected warning message which made no logical sense.
      Documented the new options affecting chart colours
      Updated uk.po from TPO
      Avoid test failure due to indeterminate return values.
      Corrected logical errors in tests for error conditions.
      Updated translations from
      journal.c: Made journal_file_name a member of the journal struct
      Fix problem with non-reentrant journal driver
      Corrected various typos in printed strings and documentation.
      Updated Ukrainian translation from tp
      Corrected typo in description string
      Added the pspp.appdata.xml file.
      Added new map entries from Gtk stock items to pspp stock items
      Smake: Added the -background transparent flag to the convert call
      Updated translations from
      Fix incorrect table range selection in CORRELATIONS
      Avoid crash when attempting to open files with invalid encoding
      src/data/any-reader.c (any_reader_may_open): Return tri-state value.
      Documentation: Change index entry to be consistent with that in
      src/data/sys-file-encryption.c (encrypted_sys_file_open): fn_open was 
used to open, so fn_close should be used to close Update dependency from gsl 1.12 to 1.13
      QUICK CLUSTER: Fix crash on negative parameters
      Update and correct minor typographical errors in INSTALL
      doc/tutorial.texi: Correct the text describing intepretation of the 
Levene test.
      Paired T-Test: Label first pair as 'Pair 1' instead of 'Pair 0'.
      Change "Significance" to "Sig." in linear regression and one-way ANOVA
      T-Test indendendent variable test: Add vertical line to seperate variable 



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