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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.5, created. v0.8.5

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.5, created. v0.8.5
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 16:30:30 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v0.8.5 has been created
        at  d1a66bb59534ebc4f62f02d88eaadca939dd5e32 (tag)
   tagging  0565612313eae2afabdb3ef50a6b730f9a844bbd (commit)
  replaces  v0.8.4
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Sat Jun 20 09:30:22 2015 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 0.8.5.
Version: GnuPG v1


Ben Pfaff (49):
      doc: Add --enable-silent-rules support to more targets.
      po: Update translations from
      po: Update translations from
      Updated localisations from
      psppire-output-view: Only render output items once the window is realized.
      DISPLAY: Fix crash bugs in DISPLAY INDEX and DISPLAY NAMES.
      psppire-output-view: Properly render the first few items of output.
      pspp-dev.texi: Add authors as @author arguments.
      cairo: Add .5pt gutter around table rules.
      po: Update translations from
      po: Add Galician translation.
      po: Update translations from
      Add support for reading SPSS/PC+ system files.
      Add support for weighting variables in SPSS/PC+ system files.
      po: Add Polish translation.
      FREQUENCIES: Allow percentiles to be comma-separated.
      tests: Fix unintended platform dependency in portable file test.
      lexer: Include <unistd.h> to ensure 'read' is consistently replaced.
      README.Git: Upgrade recommended Gnulib version.
      command: Fix delayed execution of FINISH.
      doc: Add section on how to exit PSPP to the tutorial.
      doc: Document pspp-dump-sav.
      configure: Drop -Wdeclaration-after-statement.
      factor: Comment out unused functions.
      psppire-output-view: Fix segfault during printing.
      cairo: Remove claim that a null 'cairo' can work.
      Smake: Factor output repetitive code into new script in build-aux.
      build-aux/icon-list: Make executable.
      COUNT: Correct treatment of missing values.
      doc: MATCH FILES/ADD FILES/UPDATE can combine any number of files.
      doc: Document decryption support in pspp-convert.
      doc: Fix use of $(AM_V_at).
      psppire-dialog: Fix incompatible pointer type.
      RENAME VARIABLES: Make parentheses optional for single variables.
      FREQUENCIES: Accept (but ignore) ORDER subcommand.
      expressions: Add support for 2- and 3-operand RND function.
      FACTOR: Support ANALYSIS subcommand.
      configure: Create "doc" directory in build directory.
      RELIABILITY: Ignore STATISTICS subcommand.
      help-pages-list: Distribute.
      po: Add Chinese (simplified) translation.
      po: Update translations from
      po: Update translations from
      QUICK CLUSTER: Fix infinite loop on bad command name.
      cairo-chart: Use "Sans" instead of "sans serif" as font.
      po: Update translations from
      plot-hist-cairo: Clip normal curve.
      tests: Unset $TERM to avoid error if $TERM is set to an unknown terminal.
      Update version number to 0.8.5.

Daniel Schlieper (2):
      doc: Describe how bin sizes are chosen for histograms.
      command: Add STEMLEAF to list of unimplemented commands.

Friedrich Beckmann (14):
      Add GRAPH command initially with just scatterplots and histograms.
      render-test: Fix invocation of tab_footnote().
      doc: Add PSPPIRE manpage, add example to manpages, install manpages.
      gui: Set StartupNotify=false because Startup Notification does not work.
      Whitespace changes only.
      Allow data used by GRAPH /SCATTERPLOT to persist after the procedure has 
      Switch the order in which scatterplot axes appear in the graphic's 
      gtk3 - added NULL check to tt_test_options_dialog_destroy - psppire 
crashed during exit on debian 8
      scatterplot: fixed compiler warnings
      histogram tick drawing - added format generation for optimum tick drawing
      charts: changed scientifc number display from e+6 type to pango markup
      replaced decimal module, xrchart_scale with autoformat, histogram x-axis 
ticks changed.
      output window: click on overview item adjusts output view (jump)
      charts: switched from bullet operator to multiplication sign for numbers

John Darrington (48):
      Frequencies.c: Use BIT_INDEX (FRQ_ST_MEDIAN) instead of FRQ_ST_MEDIAN.
      FREQUENCIES: Fix the default /STATISTICS.
      GRAPH: Use complete strings instead of constructing them
      FREQUENCIES: Fixed crash when there was no valid data
      Documentation: Add some comments to the bugs chapter
      FREQUENCIES: Fix bug when combining HISTOGRAM with PERCENTILES.
      File Export: Added a "plain text" option.
      FACTOR: Added PROMAX rotation.
      Add some entries to .gitignore
      Factor: fix memory leaks relating to PROMAX and update NEWS
      Examine: Change the positioning of the whiskers on boxplots.
      Correct documentation example and add a corresponding test.
      Fix compiler warnings on 64 bit machines
      Syntax Window: Simplify the Edit|Paste callback.
      Fix minor typos in documentation
      New module to perform decimal floating point arithmetic for charts.
      replace_file_start: On error, ensure that the appropriate errno value is 
      Fix logic error in previous commit
      Piecharts: Remove trailing whitespace from slice labels
      Piecharts:  Avoid the segment fill obscuring the labels
      Frequencies: Added the /BARCHART subcommand.
      Add examples directory "shortcut" to file_open dialog
      Ensure that example_dir is relocatable.
      Remove untrue statement from comment
      Corrected typo in syntax generation for value chooser.
      tests/ -O format=csv changed to -o pspp.txt
      Added the /BARCHART option to CROSSTABS
      Documentation: Tidy up notes about histogram bin widths
      Minor update to documentation for FREQUENCIES
      Dialog boxes:  Grab focus of the source widget on reset
      Examine Dialog: Fix widget focus order
      Makefile rule pspp.xml: Simplify slightly
      Smake: Made the configure target slightly more fail safe
      tests/math/decimal-test.c (canonicalise-string): Fix uninitialised return 
      PsppireDialog: New property: help-page
      Frequencies Dialog: Add the ability to specify a bar chart
      Update glib requirements to version 2.32 or later
      Fix crash when cancelling variable type dialog.
      Fix GtkCritical whilst displaying last line of variable view.
      New file for developers: memorandum.txt
      Value Label Dialog: Do not attempt to read selection if there is none.
      Added src/ui/gui/memorandum.txt to EXTRA_DIST
      Exercise the GRAPH command in the split-file test
      Fixed bug GRAPH /HISTOGRAM vs. null data.
      Remove redundant prototype from src/data/variable.h: var_get_value_name.
      Correct and expand comment to barchart_create
      Charts: internationalise representation of scientific format.
      Chart Geometry: Fix Chart Ticks Format test



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