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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v1.4.0, created. v1.4.0

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v1.4.0, created. v1.4.0
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 18:54:42 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v1.4.0 has been created
        at  adf626e81d7bd807b6192293256d097161927d17 (tag)
   tagging  c3c044361f7421799c680acc9d7e3d2d845520f6 (commit)
  replaces  v1.2.0
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Sat Aug 15 22:53:43 2020 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 1.4.0.


Ayhan Yalçınsoy (2):
      Linear Regression GUI: Add checkbox for tolerance.
      Oneway GUI: Add dialog box for the posthoc tests.

Ben Pfaff (274):
      po: Update translations from
      po: Update translations from
      po: Update translations from Make compatible with Python 3.
      Check for python interpreter at configure time and document the 
      psppire: Fix multiple definitions of align_enum_type and two others.
      data-out: Clarify the meaning of the 'encoding' parameter.
      render: Fix pathological case where column minimum width exceeds maximum.
      ONEWAY: Fix use of stack-allocated variable outside its scope.
      FREQUENCIES: Avoid buffer overrun when there is no valid data.
      tests: Disable Address Sanitizer SIGSEGV handler for intentional SIGSEGV.
      render: Use "long long" instead of "double" for arithmetic.
      ascii: Update min_breaks along with width and length.
      ascii: Fix assertion in ascii_output_table_item().
      segment: Fix behavior when #! line is not new-line terminated. Make test work with Debian pg_wrapper arrangement.
      SYSFILE INFO: Get rid of nested tables.
      output: Remove support for nested tables.
      interaction: Better document and update code to modern style.
      tests: Add "categorical" keyword to tests that use categoricals.
      categoricals: Remove 'dep_excl' parameter.
      categoricals: Improve comments.
      categoricals: Don't warn on hash collisions.
      categoricals: Remove unused function categoricals_get_n_variables().
      categoricals: Give "reverse" members more descriptive, shorter names.
      categoricals: Avoid setting value_node indexes multiple times.
      categoricals: Add array of variable_nodes to reduce hash lookups.
      categoricals: Drop 'n_vals' member from struct variable_node.
      categoricals: Get rid of 'df_prod' array.
      categoricals: Update style and modernize.
      categoricals: Convert tabs to spaces.
      cairo: Get rid of useless parameter 'y' to xr_layout_cell_text().
      table: Get rid of TAL_GAP.
      ascii: Get rid of the idea of pages.
      dictionary: New function dict_get_weight_format().
      bt, abt: Add initialization and iteration macros.
      missing-values: New function mv_to_string().
      variable: Make property function return untranslated versions.
      message: Refactor initializations for struct msg throughout the tree.
      output: Factor common code for command name tracking out of all drivers.
      CROSSTABS: Rename pivot_table to crosstabulation.
      CROSSTABS: Make treatment of crosstab variables and values more uniform.
      integer-format: Add some useful helper functions.
      str: New functions ss_starts_with() and ss_find_substring().
      string-map: New functions for searching by non-null terminated keys.
      format: New function fmt_from_u32().
      output: Expand footnote support.
      render: Update style of footnote rendering.
      testsuite: Enable color output for tests.
      tab: Expand space for table options from 8 to 16 bits each.
      output: Add support for vertical alignment of cells.
      output: Add support for dashed, thick, and thin rules.
      output: Add support for colors in cells.
      output: Add support for cell margins.
      output: Add support for fonts.
      output: Support styles for text items.
      output: Add support for colors for rules.
      tab: Support cell-specific styles.
      cairo: Remove debug print.
      output: Implement styling for footnotes.
      output: Implement styling for titles and captions.
      output: Add support for layer info in table output.
      output: Add support for alternating row colors.
      driver: New function output_driver_parse_option().
      cairo: New macros XR_LINE_WIDTH and XR_LINE_SPACE.
      text-item: Merge "title" and "subtitle" items into a new "page title".
      output: Introduce group_item in place of TEXT_ITEM_COMMAND_OPEN and CLOSE.
      cairo: Fix word-wrapping of ".000" and similar.
      cairo: Improve comment.
      table-stomp: Remove dead code.
      tests: Tag all the tests that take more than about 1s as "slow".
      tutorial: Fix duplicate definition of node name "examine".
      cairo: Render group_open_items.
      psppire-output-view: Add titles for groups.
      psppire-output-view: Fix background color for output viewer.
      psppire-output-viewer: Make sure that initial items are rendered at show.
      output: Cache the script ltr versus rtl direction.
      psppire-output-view: Render only the visible parts of tables.
      output: Add support for Pango markup of fonts and styles.
      output: New page-setup-item.
      table: Make table cells have exactly one piece of content again.
      output: Support rotation.
      output: Rename a few struct members for consistency.
      output: Support decimal and mixed alignment,
      cairo: Minor cleanup by factoring out new function set_source_rgba().
      output: Introduce pivot tables.
      pivot-output: Fix argument order that made lots of weird rotated headings.
      pspp-dump-sav: Issue error message for too-large extension records.
      output: Fix XML parsing in output_get_text_from_markup().
      string-map: New function string_map_equals().
      output-item: Add 'name' member to class structure.
      cairo: Make xr_rendering_measure() tolerate NULL arguments.
      psppire-output-view: Add a little extra space to GtkLayout.
      psppire-output-view: Only rerender for real changes.
      configure: Entirely avoid broken Texinfo.
      psppire-output-window: Avoid using options the ascii driver no longer has.
      table: Avoid initializer warnings with GCC 4.9.
      tests: Get rid of temporary debugging fix.
      pivot-table: Fix type mismatch in equal_indexes().
      ods-reader: Use proper function type for xml read callback.
      por-file-reader: Use xasprintf() to avoid need for careful buffer sizing.
      por-file-writer: Use xasprintf() to avoid careful buffer sizing.
      driver: Fix format specifiers and avoid fixed-size buffer.
      pivot-table: Fix format specifiers.
      tab: Fix implementation of "middle" vertical alignment in tab_get_cell().
      chisquare: Fix format specifier in chisquare_execute().
      regression: Make sure dep_subscript is really initialized.
      t-test-paired: Fix format specifiers.
      matrix-data: Only use as many bytes as necessary to initialize string.
      ascii: Always use Unicode boxes by default if appropriate.
      str: Fix bugs in ds_put_c_vformat().
      Fix numerous memory leaks.
      pivot-table: Fix use-after-free error.
      encrypted-file: Extend magic numbers in try_password().
      pspp-convert: Add -a and -l options to search for a password.
      pspp-convert: Add --password-list option.
      tests: Add valgrind and Leak Sanitizer suppression files.
      tests: Make Perl tests work with Address Sanitizer.
      table-transpose: Remove.
      string-map: Avoid measuring the length of a string twice.
      line-reader-test: Fix memory leak.
      pivot-output: Improve variable naming.
      pspp-dump-sav: Be consistent about variable numbering.
      format: Always output 2-digit hours for TIME format.
      doc: Remove documentation for SET MORE subcommand.
      pspp-dump-sav; Fix write past end of buffer in corner case.
      pspp-dump-sav: Fix memory leaks.
      SYSFILE INFO: Display documents too.
      doc: Fix some errors in DOCUMENT description.
      doc: Time components may not actually be separated by ".".
      MODIFY VARS: Style updates.
      array: Change SWAP macro into swap() function.
      array: New function reverse_array().
      MODIFY VARS: Fix bugs in REORDER and DROP subcommands, add tests.
      doc: Fix syntax for NUMERIC.
      sys-file-writer: Remove assertions based on file position.
      doc: Improve syntax description for COUNT.
      doc: Better describe the effect of OUTFILE on PRINT.
      pivot-table: Better document how to hide empty rows and columns.
      README.Git: Advance to Gnulib commit 9ce9be2ef0cb ("autoupdate").
      system-file-format.texi: Correct typo.
      pivot-table: Properly allocate pivot_table's current_layer.
      lexer: Make lex_error_expecting() easier to use.
      AUTORECODE: Always report parse errors.
      AUTORECODE: Declare index variables inside 'for' loops.
      EXAMINE: Fix leak in Shapiro-Wilk test.
      shapiro-wilk: Fix memory leak.
      categoricals: Fix memory leak allocating long string categoricals.
      t-test-parser: Fix memory leak with GROUPS and long strings.
      t-test-parser: Force values to be specified with a string vars on GROUPS.
      t-test-parser: Untabify.
      perl-module: Init and destroy for long strings in set_missing_values().
      t-test-parser: Re-fix memory leak.
      value: Drop distinction between long and short string values.
      value: Get rid of value_str(), value_str_rw(), value_num().
      AUTORECODE: Make GROUP option work properly with multi-length strings.
      AUTORECODE: Code style update.
      AUTORECODE: Do not create value labels when they would be empty.
      INSTALL: Mention that Python 3 is supported.
      AUTORECODE: Fix treatment of missing values.
      AUTORECODE: Fix whitespace.
      variable: Make var_append_value_name() omit trailing white space.
      variable: New function var_append_value_name__().
      AUTORECODE: Properly handle value labels.
      AUTORECODE: Properly handle variable labels.
      AUTORECODE: Style update.
      AUTORECODE: Use minimum width output format for new variables.
      AUTORECODE: Implement PRINT subcommand.
      pivot-table: Improve comments.
      doc: Update SPV file format documentation.
      Update gitignore.
      render: Modernize coding style.
      render: Drop use of table_select().
      output: Remove table_select and table_paste.
      output: Remove table_unshare.
      output: Reimplement table_from_string in terms of tab.
      output: Move text_item and group_item usage closer to the SPV model.
      zip-reader: Better hide implementation details from clients.
      zip-reader: Fix memory leak on error path in zip_reader_create().
      zip-reader: Read the whole central directory at .zip open time.
      zip-reader: Don't keep .zip file open for lifetime of zip_reader.
      zip-reader: New function zip_reader_get_member_name().
      zip-reader: Improve error messages.
      zip-writer: New functions for adding members.
      driver: Fix memory leak in output_submit().
      pivot-table: Fix memory leak in pivot_value_destroy().
      pivot-table: Fix memory leaks in pivot_table_dump().
      ascii: Avoid buffer overread outputting page longer than allocated lines.
      pivot-table: Use ctime_r() instead of ctime(), for thread safety.
      LOOP: Limit number of iterations when IF clauses present.
      pspp-convert: Support decrypting SPV files.
      doc: Remove useless local variables from top-level texi files.
      spv-file-format.texi: Updates.
      string-array: Drop unused parameter from STRING_ARRAY_INITIALIZER.
      doc: Correct documentation for pspp-convert.
      i18n: New function utf8_to_title().
      command: Put command_ids in output into title case.
      Smake: Add unicase/u8-totitle module.
      ascii: Open output file immediately instead of deferring it.
      spv-file-format: Improve documentation.
      spv-file-format: Update.
      string-array: New function string_array_parse().
      pivot-table: Add reference counts.
      cairo: Make footnote markers smaller than normal text size.
      table: Make table_collect_footnotes() not return NULL footnotes.
      zip-reader: New function zip_member_read_all().
      zip-reader: New function zip_reader_contains_member().
      bit-vector: Add new functions for working with bit vectors.
      table-item: Generalize support for layer info.
      driver: Do not accumulate marked-up text.
      render: Change style for footnote blocks.
      pivot-table: New public functions for default area and border styles.
      pivot-table: Make struct pivot_cell public.
      pivot-table: Minor comment and style improvements.
      pivot-table: Also dump sizing info in pivot_table_dump().
      pivot-table: Make template pivot_values localized.
      pivot-table: Initialize subtype, command_id for pivot tables.
      table: Get rid of table_cell destructors, which were unused.
      tab: Fix overlap between table enumerations.
      table: Simplify interface for number of rows and columns.
      table: Get rid of table_class.
      table: Require headers to be set at table creation.
      tab: Merge struct tab_table into struct table.
      table: Merge tab.c into table.c.
      table: Move tab.h into table.h and rename tab_*() to table_*().
      table: Add pool parameter to area_style_copy(), font_style_copy().
      pivot-table: Make pivot_area_get_default_style() return a static copy.
      table: Get rid of TAB_* for horizontal and vertical alignment.
      table: Get rid of TAL_* constants.
      render: Fix up layer violation in add_footnote_page().
      table: Replace table_joined_cell by table_cell.
      table: Factor out common code and improve comments.
      output: Refine support for footnotes, subscripts, and superscripts.
      pivot-table: Add support for hiding the caption.
      pivot-table: Add support for hiding footnotes.
      Add support for reading and writing SPV files.
      pspp-output: Correct manpage.
      pspp-convert: Add --labels and --recode options.
      pspp-convert: Add --labels, --recode to usage message.
      pivot-table: Kluge dropping default 9-point font to make output readable.
      cairo: Fix font scaling.
      pspp-convert: Add options for selecting variables and controlling output.
      psppire-import-assistant: Implement quotation checkbox and combo box.
      spv: Run Python at build time via $PYTHON variable.
      doc: PRINT on DO REPEAT is not yet implemented.
      spv: Make parser generators compatible with python3.
      pivot-table: Avoid ctime_r() for portability reasons.
      ascii: Fix parsing of -O width=<n> option.
      ascii: Correct multiple bugs regarding output width.
      LIST: Fix case numbering.
      psppire-output-window: Avoid calling gdk_window_begin_draw_frame twice.
      documentation: Fix build with some versions of makeinfo.
      tests: Fix misspelling in test name.
      gui: Fix compatibility with older gettext.
      sys-file-reader: Accept bad variable indexes, with warnings.
      sys-file-reader: Tolerate invalid variable names.
      sys-file-reader: Tolerate duplicate document records.
      build-aux: Ignore more files.
      matrix-reader: Fix possibly-zero second argument to xcalloc().
      Document /*...*/ style comments. Select ustar format for distribution.
      tests: Fix synthetic system file reader tests on Windows.
      tests: Don't output to PDF without a good reason.
      tests: Always set a paper size.
      tests: Tolerate carriage-returns in output for SAMPLE test.
      tests: Avoid dealing with character encoding issues on command line.
      zip-test: Open files in binary mode.
      tests: Use AUTOTEST_PATH to find chart test programs.
      tests: More character encoding issues on command line.
      placement-parser: Properly handle LONG_MAX != INT_MAX.
      tests: Ignore Pango warnings when generating charts.
      tests: Tolerate 3-digit exponents in output for chart tick format.
      render-test: Initialize i18n to make tests pass on mingw.
      Release PSPP version 1.4.0.

Dave Trollope (1):
      Improve MDD writer support.

Friedrich Beckmann (49):
      changed emacs mode description to comply with elpa
      changed install directory for pspp.appdata.xml to metainfo
      fixed setting the font size via css syntax - Closes Bug #55006
      Smake: added more files to remove for clean target
      svg2png: Adapted syntax to gimp 2.10.18
      MacOS: added a setup section to avoid script in application bundle - added check for debian package directory
      insert variables in var view (#55357)
      improve deletion of consecutive variables #55357
      avoid crash by drag-n-drop in variable dialog #58457
      fixed variable type change during text import bug #58298
      fixed goto case dialog
      fixed wrong goto case after opening .sav file
      doc: added script for simple working on documentation
      doc: fixed references for DESCRIPTIVES, T-TEST, RELIABILITY and REGRESSION
      help: added help_page property at various ui files
      exp10 replaced with pow when exp10 is not available
      desktop: changed translations to msgfmt and xgettext
      metainfo.xml: changed id to org.fsf.pspp, added more information
      desktop file: added Keywords and removed Education category
      main.c: set "register-session" property for gtk_application
      desktop: reversed mimetype to application/x-spss-sps
      desktop: add mimetypes application/x-spss-sps and application/x-spss-spv
      metainfo.xml - modified after validation
      gui: added help in recode.ui subdialog
      icons: create scaled bitmaps from one svg source
      artwork: apps - pspp.svg - removed all but scalable version from artwork
      artwork: actions icons according to new strategy
      artwork: categories icons moved according to new strategy - added 96x96 size
      help: removed yelp support
      help: added help page info to variable sheet dialogs
      added title to variable sheet dialogs
      de.po: Fixed wrong translation
      pspp-mode.el: update elpa autoload comment
      psppire-import: fixed bug with short csv file import
      switched to portable control key <Primary> for accellerators
      typo in title - Lable -> Label
      desktop: open a file via xdg-open without additional output window
      trim.c: avoid zero size xnrealloc memory allocation
      icons: added psppire- prefix to action items #58708, #50026
      gui: render empty string for numeric system missing value
      gui: trim displayed string for string variables (spaces)
      gui: cut from editable to clipboard when cell is focused
      gui: Pasting also considers labels as valid data
      gui: clipboard CUT and COPY store same data with/without label
      gui: normalize clipboard cut selection rectangle (#58756)
      Smake: added 16x16, 32x32 and 256x256 pspp.png icons
      sys-file-reader: get_text_token did not set delimiter - bug #58943

John Darrington (205):
      Fix broken psql tests.
      PSPPIRE: Avoid some segmentation faults when corrupt data is encountered.
      REGRESSION: Fix some memory leaks and tidy up.
      Update version number, as there have  been a number of changes since the 
last release
      REGRESSION: Fix bug when printing tolerance of multiple variables.
      array.c: Add missing include directive
      Fix crash in gui, when T-TEST or ONEWAY while a filter is set.
      lexer: Token testing functions now take a const argument.
      Fix crash in lexer due to integer overflow.
      piechart-cairo.c: Remove erroneous duplicate line.
      FREQUENCIES: Warn the user if any weight values are missing.
      NEWS: correct misleading entry
      src/output/driver.c:  Change engine_stack from an array to a list.
      GUI: Scroll to correct datasheet position after deleting/inserting 
      graph.c: Whitespace changes only. Fold some very long lines.
      crosstabs.q: Replace 'Approx Sig.' with 'Approx. Sig.'
      EXAMINE: Correct bug where /PLOT=ALL would not include the spreadlevel 
      Update translatable strings relating to internal errors.
      EXAMINE:  Don't crash when unrenderable graphs are requested.
      Correct thinko in previous commit
      Update translations from
      NEWS: spelling
      EXAMINE: Implement the Shapiro-Wilk Test.
      graph.c: "freqs" --> "cells".
      graph.c (run_barchart): Add assertion.
      Barchart.h: Add comment.
      Dump barchart when in testing mode.
      GRAPH (barchart): Percentages display subcategorial percentages.
      Remove en_GB.po
      Spelling: criterium -> criterion
      Spelling: nonnegative -> non-negative
      Adjust test to fix previous change
      quick-cluster.c: whitespace changes only.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Implement the /SAVE sub-command.
      Fix cut and paste error
      QUICK CLUSTER (documentation): Clarify behaviour of the SAVE subcommand.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Move the parser into its own function.
      src/data/data-in.c: Whitespace change only.
      src/language/stats/examine.c: Whitespace changes only. Remove comma terminating test keywords.
      Add the WARN_UNUSED_RESULT attribute to all hash functions.
      Remove diagnostic printf
      src/math/levene.c: Fix crash resolving hmap collisions.
      NEWS: fix typo.
      Use msgmerge --previous when merging po files.
      examine.c: Add note to translators.
      src/libpspp/copyleft.c: Add copyright and licence notice and an 
explanitory comment.
      src/libpspp/hash-functions.c: Add a preprocessor switch to help test hash 
table implementation.
      Matrix Data: Identify splits explicitly instead of with hashes.
      Matrix reader: Remove reliance on hash functions.
      Restart of new means implementation
      Remove bad tests
      Revert "Remove bad tests"
      Revert "Restart of new means implementation"
      quick-cluster.c Fix uninitialised variables.
      Re-implement MEANS.
      MEANS: Fix memory leak
      MEANS: Fix behaviour when splits is active.
      Add a comment
      Don't crash when inserting variables into an empty sheet.
      MEANS: Change the statistic formats to follow their respective variables
      MEANS: Fix output with unusual formats
      TEST Examine unrepresentable graphs: Ignore stderr
      Descriptives: Constness
      PsppireDict: Constness
      MEANS: Don't compile debugging functions
      unlink_replace_files: Change signature to avoid compiler warning.
      Use non-deprecated gtk things
      PsppireOutputViewer.c: Remove non-functional debug feature.
      terminal-reader.c: Remove unused variable.
      PSPP.xs: Remove unused variables.
      PsppireOutputView.c: Fix memory leak.
      Added test for the APPLY DICTIONARY command.
      Apply Dictionary: Fix memory leak.
      means-calc.c: Add comments where needed.
      Recent to GTK+3.22
      Remove UNUSED attributes where they were inappropriate.
      ABOUT-NLS: Update to most recent version from gettext-0.20
      Add copyright and licence notice to
      doc/ Add copyright and licence notice
      doc/dev/*.texi: Add copyright and licence notices
      perl-module: Add copyright and licence notices
      pivot_table: Constness
      Pivot Table: Fix compiler warning.
      Descriptives: Constness
      perl-module: Add copyright and licence notices to all files
      /RENAME subcommand: Allow quoted strings in destination variables.
      po/Makevars: Add copyright and licence notices
      perl-module/ (perl_module_tarball): Make build dir writable.
      Fixed incorrect syntax generated by the Select Random Cases dialog.
      Update perl-module to GPLv3+
      acinclude.m4: Quote arguments to AC_DEFINE
      Remove stray semicolon
      Documentation: Fix various typos
      Fix typos in comments
      Delete trailing whitespace at line endings.
      Remove #include <assert.h> from files which don't need it
      remove stray spaces from po/
      Update copyright notice for doc/pspp.texi
      Documentation: Correct some inappropriate uses of @xref
      Remove trailing whitespace from files
      Remove unused #include directives
      Ensure that PRAGMA_COLUMNS etc can be overridden
      Fix bug #57722.
      Fix bug #57731.
      Fix order of arguments in error message
      Fix crash when bad autorecode /blank is encountered.
      Correct syntax when generating code for autorecode with blanks as missing
      psppire: Deal properly with inverted variable selections.
      Remove #include "gl/dosname.h"
      Fix crash when using the find function.
      Update recommended gnulib commit
      Whitespace changes only.
      GUI: Find dialog: Compare only to the decimal places of the print format.
      src/libpspp/message.h (msg_error): Add printf_format attribute
      Remove trailing whitespace at end of lines
      Replace use of deprecated GTimeVal with GDateTime
      PSPPIRE: Add feature to search for text in the syntax window.
      Fix broken build when ./configure --without-gui is used
      file-handle-def.h (fh_ref): Add WARN_UNUSED_RESULT qualifier
      Update spread-sheet-widget to version 0.4
      Don't ref or unref the inline file handle.
      Fix use after free error in vector command.
      Don't crash when parsing bad MATRIX DATA commands.
      Fix crash when cleaning up after parsing bad MODIFY VARIABLES.
      Fix buffer overflow in linear regression.
      Fix crash when parsing a badly formatted variable string.
      Fix buffer overflow in lex_ellipsize__
      Revert "exp10 replaced with pow when exp10 is not available"
      find-dialog.c: Replace exp10 with our own integer version
      spv.c: Avoid warnings about uninitialised variables
      Fixed a use after free error when manipulating datasets.
      libpspp/str.c (ds_splice_uninit): Add assertion
      Avoid negative overflow when the text output driver tries to print
      psppire-dict.c: Avoid compiler warning
      Add a test for bug #58591
      Allow /RENAME target to use the TO keyword.
      recode dialog: set "old and new values" sentivitity as appropriate.
      Fixed some calls to xcalloc where the quantity and size parameters had 
been transposed.
      GUI: Fix memory leak on startup
      PSPPIRE: Avoid memory leaks from popup memnus
      PSPPIRE: Fix crash when cleaning after bad text import.
      PSPPIRE: Fix memory leaks when creating windows
      Fix memory leak in src/output/table.c
      src/ui/gui/windows-menu.c (repopulate_windows_menu): Avoid memory leak
      Replace some calls to xcalloc with XCALLOC
      PSPPIRE: fix leaks of GtkAccelGroup
      PSPPIRE: Fix memory leaks in dialogs
      PsppireDataWindow: Fix use after free error
      src/dictionary.c: Move dict_ref next to dict_unref
      Add a test for bug #58598
      Improve behaviour when importing trivial csv files.
      Revert "Fix crash in gui, when T-TEST or ONEWAY while a filter is set."
      Revert "Fixed a use after free error when manipulating datasets."
      data_parser:  Keep a reference to the dictionary
      dictionary.c: Don't emit callbacks when the dictionary is destroyed.
      psppire-output-view.c (psppire_output_view_destroy): Fix memory leak.
      Introduce reference counting for variables.
      Fix bug #54784 (again).
      Fix bug #58664
      Follow-up to bugfix #58664
      Fix memory leak introduced in commit 
      Conform to GNU nomenclature.
      Conditional Compilation per GCS 3.5
      Change all instances of "help_page" to "help-page".
      lib/ptukey.c: Use the standard macro INFINITY from the math library Remove redundant macro replacements.
      Unref variables after fetching from treeview model.
      Add finalize methods to some classes which don't have them.
      pspp-mode.el: Make indentation closer to what lisp people like.
      pspp-mode.el: Make all keywords case insensitive
      Value variant: Don't over allocate string values
      Fix memory leak displaying string values in the data sheet
      Mitigate bug #48050
      Audit and cleanup dispose methods of classes which have them.
      Remove the default help function.
      src/ui/gui/helper.c: Remove unused functions
      psppire_box_pack_start_defaults: Change to static inline
      Autorecode Dialog: Use correct dictionary pointer
      HTML output driver: Correct typo
      Remove pspp-mode.el
      Keep systems happy which do not have sys/resource.h
      po/metainfo.its: New file.
      Reduce the length of the icon names.
      Histogram Dialog: Allow only numeric variables to be selected
      Revert "Keep systems happy which do not have sys/resource.h"
      Revert "Conditional Compilation per GCS 3.5"
      #undef close which was causing problems on w32
      src/ui/gui/ Remove OBSOLETE
      Do not attempt to use the output driver while it's being destroyed.
      psppire-data-window.c (on_cut): Deal properly with string variables.
      psppire-data-window.c (on_cut): Do not append trailing whitespace to clip.
      src/output/cairo-chart.h (xrchart_write_scale): Check the range and deal 
with the consequences.
      SpreadLevel Plot: Don't try to take the logarithm of a negative
      psppire-data-window.c: Remove ssw api protection
      src/ui/gui/ Add translator hint
      Fix memory leak in the value labels dialog
      psppire-import-assistant (struct _PsppireImportAssistant): Remove unused 
      Import Assistant Sheet Page: Set the sheet selector sentitivity
      Recent spread-sheet-widget to 0.5 or later
      Fix typo in po/
      Recent spread-sheet-widget to version 0.6

Ryan Schmidt (1):
      perl-module: Use unquoted perl config ld value



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