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Re: pspp development

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: pspp development
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 21:15:41 -0800
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John Darrington <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 02:09:11PM -0800, Ben Pfaff wrote:
>      "Jason H. Stover" <address@hidden> writes:
>      > I just took a first glance in the src directory, and
>      > I already have a suggestion you might have thought of:
>      > Make more subdirectories. PSPP, if it grows to include 
>      > most of the procedures currently in SPSS, will have 
>      > hundreds of megabytes of source, so putting each routine
>      > in its own directory will make it more readable.
>      Yes, this is a good idea.  I actually meant to do this much
>      earlier (years ago) but Automake wasn't quite ready for it at the
>      time.  I think that we're getting toward time to give it another
>      shot.
> Do you think that NOW would be a good time to do it?  It will probably
> mean bumping a version or 2 of auto{conf,make} which might upset a few
> people, but there doesn't seem to be too much activity right now.

What organization do you think would work well?  I've spent the
last few minutes trying to come up with a better structure, and
this is what I have so far:

    CVS/  data-io/      foo     language/  main.h   ui/
    ChangeLog  data-mgmt/    glob.c  lib/       math/
    Makefile   commands/    expressions/  glob.h  main.c     output/

    Entries  Repository  Root

    command.c    command.h   dictionary/  procedures/  xforms/
    command.def  ctrl-flow/  io/          utilities/

    do-if.c  do-ifP.h  loop.c  repeat.c  repeat.h

    apply-dict.c   numeric.c      sysfile-info.c  value-labels.c  weight.c
    formats.c      rename-vars.c  temporary.c     value-labels.h
    mis-val.c      sample.c       title.c         var-labs.c
    modify-vars.c  split-file.c   val-labs.c      vector.c

    data-list.c  file-type.c  inpt-pgm.c  matrix-data.c
    data-list.h  get.c        list.q      print.c

    aggregate.c   correlations.q  descript.c  flip.c         means.q   t-test.q
    autorecode.c  crosstabs.q     examine.q   frequencies.q  oneway.q

    copyleft.c  date.c         file-handle.q  permissions.c  settings.h
    copyleft.h  file-handle.h  include.c      set.q

    compute.c  count.c  recode.c  sel-if.c

    data-in.c   dfm-read.h   format.def  pfm-write.c  sfm-write.c
    data-in.h   dfm-write.c  format.h    pfm-write.h  sfm-write.h
    data-out.c  dfm-write.h  pfm-read.c  sfm-read.c   sfmP.h
    dfm-read.c  format.c     pfm-read.h  sfm-read.h

    case.c  casefile.c  dictionary.c  val.h  vars-atr.c  vfm.h
    case.h  casefile.h  dictionary.h  var.h  vfm.c       vfmP.h

    evaluate.c  expr.def  optimize.c  parse.c  private.h  public.h

    getline.c  lexer.c  q2c.c       subclist.h
    getline.h  lexer.h  subclist.c  vars-prs.c

    algorithm.c  alloc.h        filename.c  hash.h   pool.c  str.h
    algorithm.h  bitvector.h    filename.h  magic.c  pool.h  version.h
    alloc.c      debug-print.h  hash.c      magic.h  str.c

    factor_stats.c  group.c  group_proc.h  levene.h  misc.h     moments.h  
    factor_stats.h  group.h  levene.c      misc.c    moments.c  sort.c     

    ascii.c  devind.c  font.h        html.c   log.h     output.h      som.c  
    charts/  devind.h  groff-font.c  htmlP.h  output.c  postscript.c  som.h  

    barchart.c     cartesian.c  chart.h      piechart.c
    box-whisker.c  chart.c      histogram.c

    cmdline.c  cmdline.h  error.c  error.h

I'm not really happy with this yet, and it's important to get it
right (or close to it) the first time, because CVS does not deal
with moving around files very well.

Ben Pfaff 
email: address@hidden

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