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Re: PSPP 0.4.0 release candidate 1 available

From: P.C.J.G. Brunier
Subject: Re: PSPP 0.4.0 release candidate 1 available
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 20:57:51 +0200
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Hi Ben,

The news updates are commited, and should be online withing an hour.



Ben Pfaff wrote:

>PSPP 0.4.0 release candidate 1 is available from:
>If no one reports anything worth fixing within the next few days,
>I'll rename this as 0.4.0, upload it to, and send
>up release announcements to the usual places.
>P.C.J.G. Brunier: Can you grab the NEWS file and make sure that
>the website has it?  I made a few updates tonight.  Thanks!
>Changes from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0:
>  New build dependencies:
>    * The GNU Scientific Library (libgsl), version 1.6 or later.
>    * The GNU multiprecision arithmetic library (libgmp).
>    * libplot from GNU plotutils is optional.  Without it, the new
>      graphing features will not work.  If you do not have it
>      installed, you must run `configure' with --without-libplot.
>  Newly implemented commands and statistical features:
>    * EXAMINE, including its graphing features.
>    * FREQUENCIES now supports percentiles.
>    * ONEWAY.
>    * SHOW.
>    * SORT CASES now sorts stably, that is, two cases with equal sort
>      criteria will be in the same relative order before and after the
>      sort.
>    * T-TEST (re-written).
>    * DATE and USE.  These commands are parsed but otherwise ignored,
>      to enhance compatibility with certain command files that invoke
>      them unnecessarily.
>      currently have no effect on PSPP output, but their values are
>      written to and read from system files and thus may affect
>      third-party software.
>    * SET EPOCH implemented.
>    * DATA LIST FREE and DATA LIST LIST now support arbitrary field
>      delimiters.
>    * FILE HANDLE now supports custom tab widths.
>  Long variable names (and other identifiers) are now supported.  Up
>  to the first 64 bytes of each identifier is significant.  PSPP now
>  reads and writes system files compatible with SPSS version 12.
>  New --algorithm and --syntax command line options allow
>  SPSS-compatible or enhanced modes to be selected.
>  Support for transformation expressions has been rewritten and
>  significantly improved.  Refer to the manual for details.
>  Calculation of moments (mean, standard deviation, kurtosis,
>  skewness) has been rewritten and should now be more accurate.  In
>  --algorithm=enhanced mode moments may be more accurate than SPSS in
>  some cases.
>  Numerous bugs have been fixed, too many to mention here.  Many new
>  tests have been added, leading to the discovery and fixing of many
>  of these bugs.
>  The ASCII output driver can now squeeze multiple blank lines into
>  single blank lines.
>  Much of the code has been rewritten and refactored.  It is now much
>  cleaner.
>  The FILE TYPE and REPEATING DATA commands have been disabled for
>  this release because their implementations were deemed too buggy to
>  be useful.  They will be fixed and replaced in a future release.
>  New pspp-mode for Emacs (in pspp-mode.el).
>  Added rudimentary command-line completion for interactive input.
>  lib/julcal and lib/dcdflib are no longer used, so they have been
>  removed.
>  For developers, the build system now requires Autoconf 2.58 and
>  Automake 1.7.  The included gettext has been updated to version
>  0.12.1.

P.C.J.G. Brunier

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