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Re: fn_search_path semantics

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: fn_search_path semantics
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 20:09:13 -0800
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Ben Pfaff <address@hidden> writes:

> John Darrington <address@hidden> writes:
>> 2. I can't see a reason for the PREFIX argument anyway.  Why would we
>>    want to prefix the search path components?  All other calls to
>>    fn_search_path, pass NULL for this argument.
> The goal was that, if we execute "INCLUDE '../something'." and
> then ../something contains a line like "INCLUDE 'foo'.", that we
> should look for foo in ../, not in .; that is, that file names
> should be interpreted relative to the directory containing the
> source file.
> However, I've been meaning to remove this "feature" for some time
> now, because it's not how most software normally works.  If it's
> buggy then that's even better reason.
> Feel free to fix it, if you have time.

I took care of this, by removing the argument.
Ben Pfaff 
email: address@hidden

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