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[patch #5636] Add callback feature to dictionary

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [patch #5636] Add callback feature to dictionary
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 17:44:00 +0000
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Update of patch #5636 (project pspp):

             Assigned to:                     blp => jmd                    


Follow-up Comment #3:

Revised patch looks good.

dict_set_callbacks could use a comment.

Is there good reason that struct dictionary stores the callbacks by-value
instead of by-pointer?  I'd normally expect the callbacks structures to be
static and const...

The comparison in mv_is_resizable and in val_labs_can_set_width could use

I'm beginning to think we should just drop the "Written by <so-and-so>" lines
at the top of each source file.  PSPP is a collaborative work now and most
files have been touched by more than one person.  What do you think?

I noticed this comment:
   /* Kludge: Happily GtkJustification is defined similarly
      to enum alignment from pspp/variable.h */
Perhaps this comment should be on enum var_alignment, to discourage me from
changing it, or perhaps we should add a real conversion here.

The following (in at least three places):
+           var_set_write_format (pv, &fmt);
+           var_set_print_format (pv, &fmt);
can be shorted to var_set_both_formats (pv, &fmt);


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