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[patch #5641] Provide friendlier access to active file

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [patch #5641] Provide friendlier access to active file
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 06:34:44 +0000
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                 Summary: Provide friendlier access to active file
                 Project: PSPP
            Submitted by: blp
            Submitted on: Saturday 12/16/06 at 22:34
                Category: None
              Item Group: None
                  Status: Ready For Test/Review
             Assigned to: jmd
        Originator Email: 
             Open/Closed: Open
         Discussion Lock: Any



In the past I've heard from both Jason and John that the interface to the
active file, via procedure() and related functions, is a pain.  I've always
agreed but I've always thought it would be impractical to offer a better
interface, that is, one where you can just call a function to read a case.

I was wrong.  This patch allows just that, and adapts some code to use the
new interface.  It also reimplements the existing procedure() interface in
terms of the new one, so that existing code can be gradually converted as
convenience allows.

I have ideas about how this can be made even better, but I'd like to get this
in first, and then layer those on top.  What do you think?

This patch also deletes MATRIX DATA, because I didn't feel like converting it
to the new case_source_class interface.  It didn't really work anyway.  We can
add it back later, based on the old code if desirable, and actually make it
work this time.

 doc/data-io.texi                   |  103 -
 src/data/ChangeLog                 |   34 
 src/data/case-source.c             |   12 
 src/data/case-source.h             |   23 
 src/data/procedure.c               |  248 ++--
 src/data/procedure.h               |    6 
 src/data/storage-stream.c          |  135 +-
 src/data/transformations.c         |   10 
 src/data/transformations.h         |    6 
 src/language/ChangeLog             |    8 
 src/language/command.def           |    2 
 src/language/data-io/ChangeLog     |   33 
 src/language/data-io/   |    1 
 src/language/data-io/data-list.c   |   35 
 src/language/data-io/get.c         |  435 +++-----
 src/language/data-io/inpt-pgm.c    |   76 -
 src/language/data-io/matrix-data.c | 1990
 src/language/stats/ChangeLog       |   21 
 src/language/stats/aggregate.c     |   64 -
 src/language/stats/autorecode.c    |   57 -
 src/language/stats/flip.c          |   76 -
 21 files changed, 675 insertions(+), 2700 deletions(-)


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